Download Software to Repair MOV File for FREE

movMOV is a widely used video file format developed by Apple Inc. This video file format can be easily played on various media player. The file extension for MOV video file is .mov. It consists of numerous features so it widely used among users. You can play this format on both Windows and Mac system. Sometimes due to several reasons the MOV video file get corrupted and become inaccessible. In such condition, user get horrified and looking for reliable tool to fix damaged or corrupted MOV video file.

MOV Repair tool is an outstanding tool to repair damaged or corrupted video file on Windows or Mac system. You can repair video file from hard drive, external hard drive, SD card, SSD card, XD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc. Apart from MOV video file, you are also able to recover AVI, MPEG, 3GP and FLV. The software is also available with demo version so that user can check the performance of MOV repair tool. It allows users to preview repaired file within few simple steps.

Reasons for corruption of MOV video file

  • Use of Unreliable Software
  • Improper File Conversion
  • Virus Attack
  • Error while File Transfer
  • Use of Unsupported Media Player
  • Storage Media Corruption
  • File System Corruption

In the above mentioned scenarios, MOV repair tool can be used to fix MOV file within certain period of time. This application allow user to repair damaged or corrupted file On Windows and Mac operating system.

Procedure to avoid corruption issues of MOV file

  • Use upgraded antivirus tool to avoid virus and file system corruption.
  • Always play MOV media play using QuickTime player or any other reliable tool
  • Don’t eject the external storage device abruptly from the system
  • Apply supply to avoid interruption due to power failure

Features of MOV Repair Tool

  • This software can repair MOV as well as MP4, M4V, AVI files that are damaged or corrupt.
  • The software has advanced algorithms which separately repairs the video and audio files and later adjoins them to make the healthy playable MOV video file.
  • Once scanning process is over, you can preview the recovered files using “Preview” option of the software before saving it.
  • It supports the repairing of MOV files on all latest version of Mac (Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard) and Windows operating systems( Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, etc.).
  • It also repairs various types of video files that are created on various manufacturer of camera, camcorders, etc. like Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Contour, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc.

WinRAR Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted or Damaged RAR Archive File

Recently I downloaded an RAR Achieve on my Windows operating rar-errors (1)system. After sometime when I tried to extract the file contents, WinRAR showed an error message that the file is corrupt. Can anyone know how to repair damaged RAR archive? Please anyone can help me regarding this because the RAR files contain very crucial information.”

RAR is an archive file format which is sustained by WinRAR and saved with .rar and .rev file extension. A single RAR archive consists set of files which are compressed with the help of WinRAR tool. If you compress any files to RAR files then it will reduce the file size and takes very less space as compared to original file size. RAR files are also easy for transferring files over a network by providing encryption of compressed files. However while compressing or extracting files on WinRAR, there are more chances that the RAR folder gets corrupt due to various reasons. If your files get corrupted or damaged then don’t get panic, you can take the help of WinRAR Repair software to repair such corrupted or damaged files with quite easy. For more details, you can visit this link:

Reasons for corruption of RAR files:

CRC Error: When RAR file is corrupted or damaged due to adding extra bits to the original RAR file during transmission, then WinRAR shows that RAR archive as damage or corrupt file while extracting its contents.

Virus Attacks: Viruses like Trojan, Spyware, etc. may corrupt your RAR archives making the file inaccessible.

RAR File Header Corruption: Harmful external threats like virus, spyware, malware, etc. may lead to corruption of RAR file header and make the RAR file unreadable.

Interruption during Downloading RAR File: Downloading process of RAR files may get corrupted due to low net connection and makes the RAR file inaccessible.

Improper Compression Method: Trying improper way to archive large sized RAR files, interruptions or logical clashes while compressing files into an RAR file may corrupt or damage the RAR file.

All these reasons may lead to corruption of RAR file and whenever the RAR is tried to decode, WinRAR displays an error message that the RAR file is damage or corrupt. In such circumstances, the corrupt RAR file can be fixed by using reliable software like WinRAR Repair software.

Features of WinRAR Repair software:

  • This software is capable enough to repair damage, corrupt, oversized, incomplete download, and other various error showing in RAR files over a different version of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2003, etc.
  • It repairs RAR file that is saved on a various storage device such as system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, iPods, memory cards, USB drive, etc.
  • Using this tool, you can easily repair password protected RAR file.
  • This tool has a Preview option using which you can preview the repaired RAR files before saving it to the preferred destination.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Olympus Digital Camera?

Photos plays important role in everyone’s life and everyone prefer to capture the pictures of their wonderful moments of the life with friends, family and colleagues. We store all the photos in our cameras or transfer them to the system or laptop. In the current scenario there are many companies which are creating the cameras with lot of advanced features, such as Canon, Sigma, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Nissin, JVC, Olympus, Sunpak, Ricoh, Tamron, etc. Among all these brands Olympus is one of the best brands that are accepted all around the world.

412JY8NHXSLSuppose you have Olympus camera and you have a lot of picture in the camera, but if unfortunately some problems occur in the camera and pictures get deleted then you will be frustrated. Now in front of you there is no way to recover the lost photos. There is no need to worry because here is a tool that can recover the lost and deleted files in an easy manner. This is the only way by which the photos can be recovered.

Scenarios of deletion of photos from Olympus digital camera:

Delete All button: In every mobile device there will be an option called “Delete All” button. This button is the alternative for the deleting the photos at a time. So if you press the Delete All button by mistake, then all the photos that are present in the camera will get deleted.

Unreliable third party tool: Most of the people try to edit the photos in order to modify the photos. This modification is done by only third party tools, and most of these tools are not reliable and working on those tools will cause the deletion of photos.

Corruption of memory card: There are more chances of virus attack to the memory card and once the memory card gets attacked by the virus then the whole memory card will be corrupted and this intern cause the inaccessible memory card.

Apart from the above reasons there are many other reasons that are responsible for the deletion of photos from the Olympus camera. Some of them are file system corruption, bad sectors, file header corruption, improper transfer, etc.

In the current scenario, the Olympus Photo Recovery software is the most popular software that is available online and it is reliable software. This software is can easily recover the deleted photos of the Olympus camera in an easy manner. It is applicable for different version of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc)

This software enables you to recover and preview the recovered files for free of cost. And also there is Save Recovery Session that will save the time instead of rescanning the memory card in again and again. To know more about the working and features of Olympus Photo Recovery software then click here


Learn How To Backup Outlook 2007 PST File Data

downloadThe Outlook 2007 files get deleted or lost due to accidental deletion, oversize issue, virus attack, etc. If you don’t have back up of such files then you need to recover such files using software. So, it is necessary to prepare back up of all important files so as to avoid Outlook file loss. It helps user to overcome the disaster due to which users get frustrated. Can anyone suggest how to backup outlook 2007 PST file data?

Backup PST File tool is a specific tool to prepare back up of all important Outlook 2007 files in a secure way. This software can be downloaded on all versions of Windows operating system to prepare back up. With this software, you can back up contacts, emails, calendars, journals, note book and several other attributes of Outlook files. It helps you to save all documents after having severe disaster. This application can be purchased online to prepare back up from Outlook 2007.

Why is it necessary to prepare back up of Outlook 2007 PST files?

When user is having data loss situation due to which Outlook 2007 files get deleted or lost from drive. Under such situation, back up is required to avoid severe data loss. Some of the reasons for Outlook 2007 PST files loss are:

Accidental Deletion: Due to accidental deletion Outlook 2007 gets deleted permanently from drive. This scenario is mostly done by users which results in deletion of important file.

Virus Attack: When a user is connected to network, there is chance that virus enters into the system. As a result virus and malware programs affect the Outlook files or may responsible for loss of PST file.

Other Factor: Some other reasons for loss of Outlook 2007 files are network error, oversized issues, up gradation of Outlook version, etc.

You can use back up tool before having above mentioned scenarios to avoid data loss situation. This tool is highly recommended and free from various harmful and malware programs.

Features of Back up PST File Tool

  • This back up tool can easily prepare back up of Outlook 2007 files on almost every Windows operating system.
  • With the use of this effective application, you can back up emails, contacts, journals, note books, calendars, etc.
  • You can save the backup files on any external storage device such as memory card, CD drive, DVD, etc.
  • You can use the demo version to prepare backup of all Outlook files for free, if you are satisfied with the tool then you can purchase.

Free Download Tool to Repair Word DOC Files With Ease

Couple of month’s back I made a Word document on MS Word, the fix-corrupt-wordocument included important details of my business, and it took around 5 days to get ready with that document. But since yesterday I am struggling to open that Word file, but couldn’t open it. At last I came to know that it has got corrupted. For repairing corrupted Word document I tried all possible ways, but I was unable to repair it. Finally when I tried to obtain a solution from internet, I got this following information.

It’s now very easy to repair corrupted Word documents; all you have to do is just use DOC File Repair software. Once you fix corrupt Word document using DOC File Repair software then you can easily open as well as access that document file.

What makes Word document file to get corrupt?

Word file gets corrupt due to number of reasons, some of those reasons are mentioned below:

Infection of Macro Virus: Macro virus infection is a main threat for the corruption of Word document file. These macro viruses enter the PC and destroy your Word document files critically, once a Word file gets damaged then you will not be able to open that data file.

Sudden Reboot of Computer: In case you reboot the system while accessing a Word document then there exists a chance of losing access to it.

Downloading Errors: Suppose while downloading a Word document file from internet if any error occurs then you will lose access to downloaded Word file.

By Terminating Word Application Improperly: If Word document program is terminated improperly then it may lead to severe corruption of Word document file.

As a result of all these above described reasons Word document gets corrupt, but in any case you don’t have to worry, because by just by utilizing DOC File Repair software the problem of corruption can be fixed.

Attractive features of DOC File Repair software are described below:

  • It’s a tool that has been incorporated with powerful scanning engine that scans corrupted Word document and creates a new healthy Word document i.e. it won’t modify your old corrupted Word file.
  • By employing this application you’ll be able to repair DOC file as well as DOCX files on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.
  • It’s possible to repair severely damaged DOC or DOCX files using this software.
  • This effective repair software has the capability of repairing corrupted Word files created on all available versions of MS Word including Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
  • Demo version of this application is on website, it helps you to evaluate the product before purchase.
  • It’s graphical user interface DOC File Repair software.
  • This potent software has been developed by experienced technical staff.

New Android App of Microsoft That Puts Office 365 in the Keyboard

A new Android keyboard app is launched by the Microsoft on the heels of its SwiftKey acquisition that enables you to share contacts, documents and instantly translate messages.

Microsoft-Hub-KeyboardThe Redmond’s hack labs of Microsoft Garage have also launched a latest Hub Keyboard app, and it was aimed at Office 365 users on Android and integrated services by the innovative productivity platform with the keyboard interface.

The aim of the keyboard is to make the users to share the contacts and documents easily by emailing or by sending text messages. The main idea to launch this keyboard is, while sharing information the switching between apps must be minimized. If you need to send any link to your friend, then from the top of the keyboard you need to simply click on the document icon and can search for the relevant file to send.

From an Office 365 account the app will enable you to search SharePoint and OneDrive documents also. Many other features are associated with it such as translate service, clipboard and you can share the contacts from the phone or Office 365.

The integration of keyword with Office 365 should not be a surprise because currently the Office suite of Microsoft is available on the Android along with the Outlook. Steve Won the senior designer on the Office team, hatched this idea and says on a smartphone he don’t like switching between apps to get things done.

Also he said that the skills he has is only coding to built a prototype, but was able to get connect with the engineers from the Microsoft Garage through “internal //one week Hackathon 2015” of Microsoft to realize the product. Garage is dedicated as Microsoft notes in order to develop the hacking culture across Microsoft.

From this you can get much number of new experimental apps such as Sprightly Android app which is recently released for making business cards, the Windows sketching app Plumbago, Android Arrow launcher, and Fetch, an iOS app and web that shows how AL of Microsoft can identify different breeds of dog.

As the establishment of SwiftKey keyboard was made the Microsoft planned to maintain the brand by integrating Word Flow keyboard as its technology for the iPhone.

Photo Recover Software for Mac – Free Download

In everyday life we come across many precious and funny moments where we prefer to capture some pictures of those precious moments with family, friends and colleague. Nowadays capturing of photos is very much easy in everyone’s life because of association of cameras in mobile phones and tablets. Also you can capture high definition of pictures using mobile phones and tablets. After capturing we prefer to save those pictures in a computer and have a view on them whenever you wish to.

MainScreenLargeThere are two types of operating systems one is Windows and other is Mac. Mac is the advanced operating system introduced by the Apple to implement in only Apple devices. If you have saved your precious photos in the Mac system and later realized that some of those important pictures are missing, then it is a disappointing activity. Now on any cost you wish to get back the lost photos from the Mac system, but to get back the lost photos there is no manual way. But there is no need to worry; you just need to opt for any effective recovery tool.

Reasons for the Loss of Photos from Mac System:

There are many reasons that are responsible for the loss or deletion of Photos from Mac system, now let us discuss some of them in brief.

Unintentional Deletion: It is obvious that there will be some unwanted photos in every system, and everyone will try to delete the unwanted photos in order to have free space in the memory device. So while deleting unwanted photos if you select the wanted photos and click the delete button then along with the unwanted photos, wanted photos will also get deleted.

Emptying From Trash: If a photo is deleted from the Mac system, then the deleted photo will get stored in the Trash. You can restore the deleted photo from the Trash folder, if needed. If you empty the Trash before restoring the important photos then all of these photos will get lost.

Unreliable Third Party Applications: In the current market there are many tools that are available for editing and modifying the photos. But very less number of tools are reliable, so if you make use of any unreliable third party tool then there are chances of photos getting corrupted or deleted.

Now I will introduce you about a tool by which you can recover photos from Mac system easily. The Name of that tool is Mac Photo Recovery software. This software is used all around the world and has received positive results from many experts. This software has an easy interface which does not need any technical knowledge to recover the lost or deleted photos and every normal user of Mac can handle this software. This Mac photo recovery is applicable for different versions of Mac OS such as Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Yosemite. Free demo version is available to recover all your lost or deleted files so that you can examine the working of this software. You can scan the hard drive using demo version of this software and save the scanned information in a separate file and there is no need of rescanning the hard drive. Once you care satisfied with the working of this software, then you need to purchase the full version to save the recovered photos.

Solution to Recover Downloaded File

file recovery1File Recovery Download is the powerful software used to restore lost or deleted downloaded files and other media files from any data storage media. It consists of advanced scanning engine to recover missing files faster and safer. User can easily perform file recovery on different file systems such as NTFS, HFS, ExtFAT, HFSX, FAT32, NTFS5, and FAT16 partitions. This award winning recovery utility helps you to regain all the lost/deleted downloaded files and other different files like picture files, music files, video files, games, text documents, PowerPoint slides, system files, animations, Excel spreadsheets, operating system files, executable files, etc.

“Have you lost/accidentally deleted your downloaded files from your computer/laptop? Are you searching for effective application to get back all deleted or lost files? If you’re answer is yes, then just utilize File Recovery Download software in your desktop to rescue lost or deleted downloaded files.”

Downloaded files are nothing but the files that are downloaded through internet. Generally, downloaded files are updates, programs, and other sort of files like video, music, games, text documents, PowerPoint, Adobe files, etc. All the downloaded files are stored in the default drive/volume of the computer hard drive. Suppose, if the hard drive of the computer gets corrupted or damaged due to bad sectors, virus infection, format/reformat, partition or repartition, etc., then there is more possibility of loss of downloaded files from it. In such conditions, many people bother about how to get bring back their lost files and folders, don’t worry this article guides to recover lost files successfully with the help of File Recovery Download application.

How the files are get deleted or erased from the hard drive?

  • Intentionally or unintentionally pressing combination of “Shift + Delete” keys will results to permanent deletion of files from the PC or laptop.
  • If any sort of virus infection on your computer then, it gradually corrupt you’re downloaded or program files of the system. Once the program files gets corrupt then there may be increase of hard drive crash. Hence, the files may erased from it.
  • Suppose, if you accidentally format any external data storage gadgets which are associated with your PC or laptop, then it results to loss of various files.
  • Deleting wrong partition or drive/volume, while deleting empty drive of hard drive. If you delete the partition having downloaded and valuable files, then you lose the important files.
  • While moving few valuable files from portable storage device to your laptop if it’s suffering from malware or may be some other issues, your system hard drive may get damage and you are unable to access those files.

If you encounter with any of the above mentioned scenario, then don’t worry missing or lost files can be recovered using File Recovery Download tool efficiently under any critical circumstances. The software is designed with user friendly interface options therefore it is easy to use and implement file recovery on both versions of Windows & Macintosh operating system.

Precautions: Do not save any new file onto corrupted or damaged hard drive, because it overwrites the lost files wherein you can’t able to recover downloaded file and other data by using any recovery software.

Why File Recovery Download?

  • It can restore large and small files as well as specific downloaded files regardless of its size. And also recovers all lost/deleted files with in few simple clicks.
  • This recovery tool enables you to have a glance at the entire recovered downloaded files prior saving them on desired path.
  • File Recovery Download software works reliably well on all hard drive interfaces such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, USB, and so on.


USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Software for Mac

repair-corrupt-ost-dataUSB is a small portable flash storage device which is widely used to transfer essential data form one computer to other. USB flash drives includes thumb drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, USB sticks, etc. These drives are comes in new models and advanced features such that small in size, portability, durability, safe and secure data for long time. There are various manufacturing brands of USB flash drives are SanDisk, HP, Sony, Kingston, Transcend, etc.  All these USB flash drives are easily supportable on various version of Windows and Mac operating system.

Sometimes, you may select and format essential USB flash drive instead of other drive as a result of this you may loss of data from USB flash drive. Apart from this various reason due to which data get deleted or lost from USB flash drive. If you may across come these scenarios then take assistance of USB Recovery Mac software. This software helps you to recover data from USB flash drive which is formatted by different file system without any difficulties. Let us describe some reasons which are responsible for data deletion or loss from USB flash drive:

Accidental deletion of essential files while deleting unwanted files using delete button on Mac computer. Similarly unintentional formatting of USB flash drive instead of unwanted drive which contain junk data. As a result of this you may delete or loss of data from USB flash drive.

Most of the users prefers USB flash drive for transferring data from one computer to another. During this process your system restart due to power fluctuation, then there is a probability of data loss from USB flash drive. Sometimes an interruption occurs during transfer process data among computer due to sudden ejection of USB flash drive dorm computer which can leads to severe virus or malware attack are makes the flash drive inaccessible causing data loss.

Due to abrupt removal of USB flash drive from computer, as their more chance of file system corruption of flash drive. File system is the one of the most essential part of computer which stores and manage essential information of files. After file system corruption operating system cannot recognize the essential data from USB flash drive.

Apart from the above mentioned reason there are few more reason behind the data deletion or loss from USB flash drive such as accidental formatting of USB flash drive due to format error, USB flash drive failure, software conflicts, etc. If you wants to come under these scenarios and recover data from the USB flash drive then you can take assistance of USB Recovery software.

This software easily recover data from corrupted, damaged and formatted USB flash drive on updated versions of Mac operating system. It has been designed and certified by experts to recover data from USB flash drive. It allows various storage device such as flash drives, HDD drives, SSD drives, memory card, and external hard drive recovery on Mac with utmost ease. This application can recover data from USB flash drive on Mac supported file system such as HFS, HFX, HFSX+, etc.

You can retrieve data from USB flash drive on the basis of file name, type, extension, size, etc. It provides a Save Recovery Session which helps you to recover data from USB flash drive without scanning of USB flash drives.

Know How to Reset Chromebook to Factory Settings

Chromebook is a Google’s Chrome OS based laptop that runs rather than Mac OS X or Windows. It looks more attractive and skill enough as utilizing the well-liked Chrome web browser but it has some additional salient characteristics. Nearly all its applications and services are running online which are not running locally. Google’s own Spreadsheet and Document applications capable of running offline and then synchronizing any task you have done to the cloud once or you are back on Wi-Fi. This effortlessness allows you to use Chromebooks with less powerful hardware compare to various Windows laptops without affecting the whole system performance. You won’t find high-end processors, large hard drives and large 15.6 inch display on Chromebooks. Instead of this powerful hardware, Google offers online storage 100 GB with every Chromebook machine and the mobile processors are the order of the day and the usual display screen size is nearly the 11.6 inch. There are many relationships across the available Chromebook models with a standard screen resolution and keyboard layout, fast boot up times.

Factory reset a chromebook even it won't boot

How to Factory Reset a Chromebook?

Chromebooks synchronize some information locally therefore you need to delete permanently your personal data when you are passing or selling your Chromebook. In such a situation, you can reinstall Chrome Operating system which is useful if you are in developer mode. With the help of factory reset you can wipe your entire data which are stored in Chromebook can be wiped. For example, data stored in the Favorites folder contains all local data which are deleted permanently by using factory reset. Chromebook contains most of the data on synchronize online therefore you can restore them by personal Google account sighing in. You should not see the “Chrome OS is missing” popup message on your screen, when you would like to reinstall Chrome OS.

You can force to boot your Chromebook into recovery mode. For this you need to turn off your Chromebook at first. Next à press Esc + Refresh button and hold down the Power button on the keyboard. Older Chromebooks are having physical data recovery buttons itself. Google offers a image gallery which are showing the exact location of the key button on various Chromebook models. Sometimes your Chromebook may not boot properly, by continue reading you can get idea to achieve factory reset in this non-booting situation. If your Chromebook is not booting properly you should perform a hard or force reset. This task can be achieved on modern Chromebooks by pressing Refresh + Power button. On a Chromebooks you have to disconnect and reconnect the power cable. But, you may want to or use a unique reset button or pull the battery on older Chromebooks and reinsert it. It can achieve on a new Chromebook by logging into your personal Google account.