A program that can make up for Outlook email flaws

Fed up with Outlook? It isn’t surprising. Simple file transfer often results in messages going missing. An upgrade to Office will lose half of your stuff. The scheduling on the calendar goes haywire when messages are corrupted. File size limits on early version virtually guarantee a spillover effect that loses emails. And on top of all this when you run a virus scan over the downloads they sometimes transform to an unusable file. So why do people use the program? With all of its difficulties Microsoft Outlook is still the best email client made. It accommodates hundreds of email addresses and common access to dozens of folders at once. Overall the percentage of problems is very small so the real difficulty is only the occasional need to recover deleted emails.

REMO Software counters the problems inherent in Outlook with their Outlook .pst repair software. This user friendly email recovery utility will quickly locate and recover any .pst Outlook files you have deleted or lost.