A smart corrupt PST recovery tool for Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an improved version of Microsoft Outlook 2003 e-mail application. Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for organizing and managing e-mail messaging. Microsoft Outlook 2007 also includes all your day to day information like calendars, task lists, appointments, notes and contacts. In Microsoft Outlook 2007, all attributes are stored under a single .pst file and PST refers to Personal Storage Table. However, the PST file is more inclined get corrupt or damage because of various devastating situations. Corruption of the PST file will lead to loss of Microsoft Outlook attributes such as Email Messages, Calendar Items, Contacts, Appointments, Meeting Requests, RSS Feeds, Tasks, Journals, and Notes etc. In any case, you have to solve corrupt PST recovery error on Outlook 2007 in order to get back the lost Microsoft Office Outlook data. So as to fix the corrupt PST issue on Outlook 2007, you need to take use of good alternative corrupt PST file repair tool.

The capabilities of Microsoft Outlook 2007 include scheduling calendar, all things email, daily journal or planner, task manager or to do listing, contact manager, surf the web. You can share calendar information with calendar snapshots among anybody in Microsoft Outlook 2007, which creates an HTML representation of your calendar information. With mobile service provided in Microsoft Outlook 2007, you can send text and picture messages from Outlook to your mobile phone. The outlook SMS service provider provides you automatic sending of e-mail messages, reminders, and your daily calendar as text messages to your mobile phone.

However, loss of Microsoft Outlook attributes may cause because of corruption of PST file. The PST file corruption in Outlook 2007 may take place due to various disastrous situations for example corruption of the PST file header, encountering of errors while compacting the PST file, virus attack, resulting in incompatibility while upgrading the Outlook, usage of PST file crosses its maximum size limit, sharing the PST file across a network, and unexpected system shutdown etc.

Corruption of the PST file header information can take place due to various devastating situations like improper or incomplete version upgrade of Microsoft Outlook, operating system malfunction, application malfunction and malware such as spyware, Trojan horse, and virus attack on to the pc etc. If the corruption of PST file header information takes place then few common error messages will pop up. Possible error messages are “unable to display the folder”, “Outlook .pst could not be accessed”, “access denied”, or “Outlook .pst is not a personal storage table file” etc. Once the above-mentioned error messages appear on the screen then the data stored in the PST file becomes inaccessible.

In Microsoft Outlook 2007, the maximum size limit for a PST file is increased up to 20GB. If the usage of PST file size exceeds the 20GB then there is a chance to cause corruption of PST file. However, this situation will lead to make all Outlook attributes inaccessible.

Nevertheless, do not worry regarding the Outlook data loss, since you are able to fix PST for Outlook 2007, 2000, 2003, and 2010 with help of Outlook PST Recovery tool. Download this tool, which has the capability of repairing corrupt PST files even they cannot repair by the inbox repair tool provided in Microsoft Outlook that is “Scan PST”.