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Fabulous Way to Restore Buffalo External HDD

Buffalo is the finest and renowned external hard drive utilized to save the enormous quantity of information as backup. It is renowned for its information storage capacity, high information transfer, etc. Their size ranges from 500 GB to 2 TB. At times, as a result of few problems you have to experience Buffalo external HDD […]

Software to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

Hard drive is an essential part of any laptop or desktop which contains OS as well as other user’s data. System Hard drive is divided into multiple parts for installing and saving data. These small logical parts of system hard drive are known as partition. Hard drive partitions are capable of keeping vast amounts of […]

How to Use Disk Drive Recovery Software?

Consider a scenario: You have stored some important data on your computer hard drive and you have copied some files from virus infected pen drive. Due to high intensity of virus, entire hard drive affected and got corrupt. In this situation you cannot access files on hard drive and an error message is displayed with […]

Easy Way to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

BitLocker is a technique designed by Microsoft Corporation to describe an algorithm active in latest versions of Windows to encrypt hard drive partition sector by sector. BitLocker is something like setting security permissions on files and folders present on your Windows system. Unlike other access limitation and file encryption techniques involved in latest Windows OS […]

Software for Recovering RAID Partition

“Last night, I have decided to reboot my computer in order to create partitions and then proceed from there to rearrange my data uniformly. Since, this was the first time rebooting a computer, but in the end after opening the computer realized that one of the system RAID partition was showing an error. Although, even […]