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Recover both lost and corrupted emails

When you load huge amounts of email messages into your Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox you make those messages extremely liable to file loss and corruption. This same problem occurs with the master version of the Microsoft email client, Outlook. Another problem occurs with these when they are automatically scanned for viruses. The anti-virus programs change […]

Recover deleted files after formatting a hard drive

A hard drive is prepared and made ready for use once formatting is completed. Once formatting is done the file system gets structured to either FAT or NTFS file systems based on the operating system you are going to use. When the  physical disks present in the hard drive are damaged, whatever information that is […]

Data recovery software for Mac users

Do you know the difference between a logic crash and a physical crash? If your personal computer has failed then you need to know what both of these terms mean. In the case of a physical crash your PCs hard drive has suffered a fatal malady. It will need to be dismantled under special conditions […]

A program that can make up for Outlook email flaws

Fed up with Outlook? It isn’t surprising. Simple file transfer often results in messages going missing. An upgrade to Office will lose half of your stuff. The scheduling on the calendar goes haywire when messages are corrupted. File size limits on early version virtually guarantee a spillover effect that loses emails. And on top of […]

Your lost digital information can be recovered through undeletion

There really is no such word as “undelete’. But as is often the case in the world of the Internet, simple expressions arise to explain needed applications. Undelete is a perfect example. When we use the term it is almost always in reference to our need to recover deleted files. These files are lost due […]