Completely Delete Files from Memory Card like an Expert in Less Steps

Today, memory cards are popularly used in mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. to store images, videos, audio, etc. Now a day, exchanging memory card with friends, new employees, etc. in banks, hospitals, and offices is very common. Prior to this, there is a need to permanently erase data from memory card. To do this type of operation, every user performs different process. In the event, if you want to understand how to delete files permanently from memory card, you need to proceed with this informative article.

How to delete files permanently from memory card?

To safeguard your private memory card data from fraudulent users, you can carryout different processes like formatting, re-formatting and deleting the files. This is very common that you believe that deleting the memory card files by using “Delete” key leads to permanent deletion of data. But this is not a real fact, the file still remain in the same location. In such case, if you assign this memory card to your friend then there is likelihood that he can misuse it. In case, if that memory card contains your beloved videos, birthday events of your child, etc. At that time, he can use it for wrong purpose. To prevent your data from such third party or unknown users, you need to delete it permanently by using delete forever tool.

In some cases, you may format the memory card of any types including SD card, memory sticks, CF cards, etc. to permanently erase data. At the same time, if you assign memory card to other user then there is a probability that he may restore your confidential data by using some third party tools available on internet. This tool ensures data safety by making your data irrecoverable by any type of software.

You may carryout reformatting process to delete forever all files from memory card. But there is a chance of recovery of such files by using third party software available on internet. During this time, you need to use this application to keep your data out of reach from others.

Astounding features and working procedure of this legitimate utility are:

  • It comes with in-built scheduler that assists you to wipe your data completely from memory card as per the prescribed time.
  • Even it can wipe your hard drive by using “wipe free disk space” option.
  • This tool has astonishing feature like faster drive shredding speed to erase data from hard drive, memory card and other storage device.
  • It is compatible with context menu option that helps you in shredding files and folders on memory card from Windows OS of all versions.

This software is available with numerous medium and high data shredding patterns approved by no. of government agencies. Medium level data shredding patterns are: NAVSO-RLL, NATO, VSITR and high level data shredding patterns including DOD 5220.28.M (US Department of Defense Standard), Peter Guttmann, Peter Guttmann + DOD 5220.28.M as well as other data patterns like Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Zero Overwrite, DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD. With the aid of trial version of this utility, you can examine the performance of this program. Both technical and novice user can use this tool to completely erase data from memory card without complication. In order to have more details about how to erase data permanently from memory card visit here:

Some safety precautions to be followed by memory card users:

  • Never exchange your memory card containing precious files with others.
  • In case, if you have missed your memory card then ensure that the data can be overwritten and cannot be recovered by third party users by using any recovery tool.