Do’s and Don’ts While Working on Your Computer

In today’s world, people are deploying all there business work globally on computers by using internet connection. User can store the stuff which is important for the success of business in computers such as company documents file, priceless videos, pictures and more. User should know the do’s and don’ts of computer usage. So, it’s very important to keep the computer in a good condition because it is one of the important assets for growth of company or individuals.

This page provides some info related to the usage of the computers. The following are the few do’s and don’ts of computer usage are mentioned below:


  • At regular interval time reinstall operating system, because there might be decrease in computer efficiency and it causes to slow down your PC may be after one year. Indirectly, it will affect to your work and cost loss in business.
  • Always scan the disk to check whether there is any damage in the hard drive surface.
  • Install latest antivirus software in the computer it helps in preventing from malicious program like Trojan, viruses. This may infect your system and the data stored in that by corrupting files.
  • Keep the hard disk drive space at least 20 % free and also erased the unused files and folders which are not needed. If hard drive is full then the computer performance may goes down.
  • When the computer looks dirty clean it, by doing so the speed of PC increases.
  • Always check for updates of the operating system because it mainly for the security of the computers.


  • Don’t click on the unknown website link without doing proper research. It is may come up with virus program attached to it. If you clicked then your computer will face intrusion of viruses.
  • When you find any .exe or executable in your email attachment don’t open it.
  • Do not shut down the computer abnormally that may result to corruption of operating system.
  • Nowadays, most of the user are purchasing stuffs online website without looking at the URL is starting with https or not because it is not safe and secure for online purchase. Some hacker may theft money from your personal accounts.
  • Most of the users ignore to take the back up of there important data. If any disasters occur to the computers like theft, caught fire to the system at office or home.