Download Software to Repair MOV Files

after-recovery-tool-error-mov“…. One of the MOV file is damaged and not able to play on QuickTime. Whenever, I try to play: its unable to read and popping up with some error message. Is that possible to fix broken/damaged MOV video files?  If-so; how can I repair MOV file?

QuickTime is a media player which basically plays MOV video files and  also supports in handling various file formats like audios, movies, pictures, digital videos, etc. It is one of the most popularly used media player in present years.

If you are not able to play MOV files on QuickTime, don’t upset!!! You can easily repair MOV video file by using MOV File Repair Software with an ease. The reliable interface of the application provides step by step guidelines in repairing MOV files.

Different cases where the MOV file repair software can be used:

  • Case 1: Sometimes, any interruption while downloading MOV Video file from the browser might damage the MOV file. Such kind of files can be easily repaired by using this application toolkit.
  • Case 2: Virus is the dangerous threat that spreads all over the file system and damage the MOV file. The damaged MOV files which are unable to play on QuickTime can be repaired by using file repair software.
  • Case 3: While converting MOV file format to any other media format by using third party application may cause damage to MOV files. In such case this software becomes necessary.
  • Case 4:  Corrupted MOV files cannot be played on QuickTime. Such video files can be repaired in a couple of minutes by using this software.
  • Case 5: Most of the time, compressing the MOV file may cause damage. Damaged compressed MOV files can be repaired by using this software.
  • Case 6: If there is any audio-video sync out: Video is lagging behind the audio or vice-versa can be easily repaired.

If any MOV file is damaged/ corrupted and not able to play on QuickTime, move few steps ahead with file repair software

  • Firstly, download and install MOV File Repair Software on your operating system.
  • Run the software after successful installation. Later, browse and select corrupted or damaged MOV file which is to be repaired.
  • MOV file repair process will begin. After post completion of repair process you can preview the healthy MOV file.
  • Purchase the software to save repaired MOV files on the desired location.

Points to Remember:

  • MP4 files as well as other video format files recorded on different brands of camera can be successfully repaired.
  • Repairing audio stream and video stream separately is performed initially and later adjoins them together.
  • This software is compatible to repair damaged QuickTime MOV file on various versions of Windows as well as on different Mac Operating System.