Easy Way to Recover Data After Format

Are you searching for ways to perform data recovery after format, due to re-installation of operating-system on your personal computer? Then you are at the right place to get back your lost files in quick time. Hard drive recovery is one such tool that has the ability to recover data lost as a result of formatting during re-installation of the operating system. You might re-install operating system on your PC due any one of the following explained causes:

Hard Drive Problems: Operating system crash or other complex issues like bad sectors on hard disk, corruption of hard drive because of virus attacks, damaged MBR file, partitioning errors, file system errors, etc. may lead to bad hard disk drive that doesn’t function normally. To fix such problems you could possibly re-install OS on the hard disk drive that formats certain partitions on hard disk drive and leads to loss of data. Hence it is vital to take back copy of your important data to avoid loss of data.

Upgradation of OS or Installing Different OS on Hard Disk: When you like to upgrade your OS to the latest version, you may reinstall your PC with new OS. In addition to the existing OS you may install another OS by creating dual boot record. In both the instances formatting of hard disk drive partition takes place, which would finally result in data loss.

Corruption of System Files: Improper installation or un-installation of any software on hard drive might cause corruption of files stored on hard drive. Harmful viruses present on computer can even lead to corruption of hard drive files. In case system files are corrupted in this scenario, then you may encounter some serious problems that may cause operating system crash. To be able to fix this issue you need to reformat and re-install the OS on your PC.

Corrupt Windows Registry: Re-installation of OS is essential when your Windows Registry is corrupted. Windows Registry is a database where entire configuration of your system is stored and entire hard disk data becomes inaccessible when Windows registry gets corrupted.

When you re-install OS on hard drive, first you must format certain partition to create space for its storage and then you install OS. Accidental formatting of certain hard drive partition usually takes place during re-installation of OS. However, data is still present on hard drive until it is overwritten by new data, only file allocation information is deleted and operating system won’t be able to locate such files. Don’t worry, it is still possible to recover data after format by using Data Recovery after Format software, which is an effective tool to recover data after format during re-installation of operating system.

Data Recovery after Format application can recover nearly 280 file types according to their particular file signature and in addition it can also restore lost data from USB drives, memory cards, iPod devices, etc. It enables you to recover data after format or reformat of hard drive partitions and lets you retrieve data from repartitioned hard drive. This Data Recovery after Format program will let you recover lost data from SATA, IDE and SCSI hard drive types and performs complete data recovery on FAT and NTFS file systems. It works compatibly on all latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008. You’ll be able to recover crashed hard drive data from the disk image files created by this hard drive recovery tool to bypass the bad sectors of hard drive. Download the demo version of this software and analyze its performance through recovery results obtained.