Easy Way to Recover File from Pen Drive

Pen Drive is a kind of removable storage device that can be widely using today to carry data from one to other place. Pen Drive comes with portable size and fit for pocket, the storage capacity of the Pen Drive vary from megabytes to gigabytes. Pen Drive is capable to store any kind of data like audio, video, documents, or any kind of software’s. Now gradually floppy disks or CD’s are losing the popularity in front of Pen Drive, some of the features of Pen Drive made it more popular like large amount of storage memory, high data transfer rate compare to floppy drive disks and modern compact disks.

However data loss scenarios also present in Pen Drive, there are many reasons like virus infection, accidental deletion of files, formatting etc. But now no need to worry because Pen Drive file recovery is possible by making use of very efficient software called file recovery Software. This software is capable to recover data from any kind of data loss scenarios.

Some common file loss scenarios of Pen Drive

Unintentional Deletion:  When Pen Drive is connected to PC or laptop by using “Delete” or “Shift Delete” if any of the important file deleted then that will redirect the Recycle Bin in such case it’s possible to lose data.

Format: Sometimes it has been noticed that if you connect Pen Drive to system it will pop up error message like “The Drive F:” not formatted, do you want to format it now? If forcefully you format then there is chance of file deletion

Sudden system shut down: While transferring data from Pen Drive to PC if sudden system shut down occurs then that leads to file loss.

Virus attack: If you connect you’re Pen Drive with virus infected system then there is a chance of file deletion or data loss from Pen Drive due to virus infection.

Features of File recovery Software

  • This software is well suited for different Pen Drive brands like HP, SanDisk, Toshiba, Kingston, etc.
  • This software efficiently recovers different types of files such as audio, video, image, text file, PDF, etc.
  • This software safely runs on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, Window 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • This tool equipped with “preview” option that helps users to view recovered files before save it on system.
  • This software also runs perfectly on Mac Operating System. By making use of this software RAID 5 file recovery is also possible. For more details regarding RAID 5 portion recovery click this link: http://www.easyfilerecovery.org/raid-5.html

Precautions to avoid data loss from Pen Drive

  • Before going to format Pen Drive it’s always preferable to take back up of your data that will prevent huge amount of data.
  • While data transmission takes places between Pen Drive and PC try to avoid sudden system shutdown.
  • Avoid Pen Drive from virus infection, and its good practice to scan your Pen Drive with updated antivirus program that will prevent data loss from virus infection.
  • When Pen Drive is connected to system and performing any kind of file deletion from Pen Drive, then make sure that selected file for deletion is the desired file or not.