Eliminate private data permanently with a file shredder

When you delete a file from your personal computer or clear your Internet history does that erase the file and all traces of your travels online? Not at all. In fact, all that deleting a file accomplishes is to relabel the space the file used as available. The information held in that file is readily available to anyone with access to your PC. This can be accomplished by using a simple program to recover data. That same program can read the folder that holds temporary Internet files and reveal exactly where you traveled to online.

If you want to be absolutely certain your private information remains exactly that then you will need to erase your files using REMO File Shredder. This simple to use program lets you drag and drop any files that need to be permanently wiped and scramble the contents so thoroughly that they can never be reassembled. REMO Shredder is so trusted that it even meets the standards set for destruction of sensitive materials set by the United States Government.