Fix PST after CRC Error with Ease!!

While accessing Outlook application you encounter an error message such as File xxxx.pst could not be accessed due to CRC error or Data error (cyclic redundancy check). This error stops you to access your vital Outlook data further and there is lot of question arises in your mind such as how to fix PST CRC error.. Whenever you try to access Outlook application, such error appears on your system. Firstly, we have to know what CRC actually is. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is a technique to detect alteration to computer data on various storage devices. It takes an amount of data as input and produces a code for that. This is quite simple and very effective in finding error arises due to alteration of data. It is arises due to corruption of PST file.

Several reasons may lead to corruption of PST file including improper system shutdown, abrupt removal, virus attack, oversized PST, human errors and so on. After facing CRC error message on computer screen, you want to recover PST file so that you can reuse your vital data again. To perform so you can try inbuilt Scanpst.exe file to fix corrupted PST file. Since if you find after utilizing scanpst file that you are still in same situation then you can go for effective third party tool to fix corruption issues. Here in such circumstance you can make use of Repair PST File tool to fix corrupted PST file. For more detail check out this link:

Consider a scenario where you have downloaded an email in Outlook and further you try to open those emails you find CRC error message. This error message is due to corruption of the PST file. It is because when you go online then there is a chance of virus attack. Virus may damage PST file, once it is corrupted then you becomes unable to access Outlook data further. CRC error generated in such a way when the user tries to access corrupted PST file then there checksum is calculated. These checksum is compared with previously calculated checksum. Once it is found different then a CRC error appears on computer screen.

Improper system shutdown may lead to generation of CRC error. When the user shutdown system directly without following proper way of shutdown and PST file is performing some read write function then this might lead to corruption of this PST file, further it may lead to CRC error. Over sizing of PST file may also lead to PST corruption. When the user keeps storing their large size data continuously in Outlook, someday it exceeds its limited size. Once it exceeds its limited size then PST file automatically goes corrupted. This may also lead to generation of CRC error and make you incapable to access Outlook data further.

After facing CRC error message on your computer screen there is no need to think that you are incapable to use Outlook data further. Here is just needed to make use of above-mentioned PST recovery tool. After employing such a recovery tool, you can use Outlook data normally as you are using before. This tool is capable enough to repair outlook PST file on various version of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. With the help of this tool, you can mend PST on various Windows version including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.