How to Recover Songs Lost on iPod Classic Due to Sync Error?

Everyone, will prefer iPods for its user familiar characters. The iPod is a compact media player. The latest version of iPod classic had the large storage size among any device in the iPod series i.e., around 160 GB of storage. The iPod is used to store music files like MP3, M4P, AAC, M4A, etc. and video files (MOV, MP4, DivX, XVID, AVI, etc.). Have you imagined what happens if your music files lost from the iPod. Suppose if not, then set to face such situations. There is some problem which arises due to synchronization of iPod with computer. Due to such error iTunes software cannot able to transfer files.

However, these sync error can be easily resolved with the help of an ultimate tool called as Recover My iPod software. It is the frequently used and liked utility to restore iPod classic songs lost after sync error. Having this app, you can easily perform iPod music recovery after sync error on iPods.

How does the songs get lost on iPod Classic?

  • Improper Handling: While transferring the music file from computer to iPod by sync process, the abrupt removal or mishandling of iPod and power failure may causes the file to lose from iPod.
  • Virus Attack: Viruses contains destructive programs which might corrupt the files stored on iPod. Also, these viruses potentially damage the file system of iPod without user’s knowledge.
  • Sync Errors: During synchronization, if your iPod device stop its process due to some errors, then iPod Classic can’t be synchronized, later you may disconnect it from your computer and you will be shocked to see that your favorite iPod Classic doesn’t have few or any of your stored files.
  • File System Error: Logical damage in iPod Classic due to corruption of iPod file system can also be the chance for loss of music files from iPod.

These are few of the common causes for music files lose in iPod. Favorably, there are more reasons that make your music files to be lost from the iPod. Despite, we will get permanent solution for these problems i.e., recover my iPod software.

Advanced features of this software

  • This utility can effectively restore iPod classic songs lost after sync error.
  • This software is capable of retrieving lost music files and it can also restore video files in iPod after sync.
  • Using this app, you can also recover files from formatted iPod.
  • You can also apply this effective iPod recovery utility to retrieve lost files from iPod to bring back music files, video files and photo files on Windows as well as in Mac OS based computers.
  • It can be used for recovering data from memory cards, hard drives, pen drives, etc.
  • It also provides preview option to view the recovered files from iPod. If you satisfied with the recovery result, then you can purchase the licensed version of the software to save recovered iPod music files.