How to repair DBX file and recover lost emails in Outlook Express

Outlook Express like Microsoft Outlook is an email client that lets users send and receive emails. Though Outlook Express is similar to Outlook when it comes to its functionality, there are several disadvantages that make it less popular than its counterpart. While Outlook comes packaged with Microsoft Office, Outlook Express comes bundled with Internet Explorer. While Outlook Express fetches emails from the mail server, Outlook uses Microsoft Exchange Server to achieve this. Besides the technicalities, it is fair to say that Outlook Express fails to provide additional features unlike Outlook that provides various features like RSS Feeds, Notes, Tasks, which makes Outlook more suitable for office purposes and Outlook Expresses a more suitable software for home users.

Though Outlook Express is no more bundled with Internet Explorer, there are still users having older versions of Internet Explorer who make use of this email client. There is also a major difference in terms of the storage folder that is made use of by both these email clients. While Outlook makes use of a single PST file for storage of data related all the emails, contacts, notes etc., Outlook Express makes use of separate folders to store the respective data. These folders are called Database Exchange folders better known as DBX files. Outlook Express has separate DBX folders for Inbox, Sent, Outbox and others with .dbx extension i.e. Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Sent.dbx etc.

Like corruption of PST files in Outlook, there are also chances of the DBX files in Outlook Express getting corrupted resulting in loss of important emails. There are various reasons due to which corruption of the DBX file could occur. One of the common instances for deletion or loss of emails is due to excessive number of emails in any of these DBX folders. Large size of the Inbox.dbx folder could result in the Inbox.dbx folder getting corrupted. Another common issue that leads to corruption of the DBX files is when the Anti-virus software installed in the computer scans all mails that come in or go out which might sometimes lead to corruption of the DBX file. The background compact operation that tries to compact the DBX file from time to time so that disk space can be saved could also result in corruption of the DBX folder.

However, such issues can be resolved and the lost emails retrieved as these emails are not lost permanently. This is possible by using a good DBX Repair Tool. However, it is important to make sure that the user does not continue using the application any further as this may further damage the DBX files resulting permanent loss of the important emails. Remo Recover Outlook Express software is designed to recover deleted or lost emails from Outlook Express with ease. This DBX Recovery Software recovers the lost emails in .eml format. The recovered emails can then be dragged and dropped into a new DBX file by the user.