How to Use Disk Drive Recovery Software?

Consider a scenario: You have stored some important data on your computer hard drive and you have copied some files from virus infected pen drive. Due to high intensity of virus, entire hard drive affected and got corrupt. In this situation you cannot access files on hard drive and an error message is displayed with format option to access hard drive again. Now without formatting there are no other option to access hard drive again and all important data will be lost.

Hard-Disk-Data-Recovery-toolsTo recover lost data from your formatted hard drive, you need to take help of any reliable recovery software. The most popular recovery software is Disk Drive Recovery Software. This software has effective interface that can recover lost/deleted files in few simple steps.

Causes of Data loss/Delete from Disk Drive:

Emptying from Trash/Recycle Bin: Whenever you delete any file from computer hard drive, deleted files will be stored in Recycle Bin (Windows)/Trash (Mac). You can restore the deleted files from Recycle Bin/Trash. If you empty the Recycle Bin/Trash then you cannot restore files manually.

Unreliable Third Party Tool: To do any task sometimes you may require third party tools. Some third party tools are unreliable in nature and these are many such tools on internet for free. Using these unreliable tools may cause deletion or corruption of files.

File System Corruption: File system is the standard of operating system to keep track on all the files stored on hard drive. If file system of hard drive is corrupted due to any reason, then your hard drive will not be accessible.

Other Causes: Despite of the above cited scenarios there are many other reasons for deletion/loss of data from hard drive. Some of them are due to abrupt shut down of computer while transferring files, bypass from Recycle Bin, severe header corruption, bad sectors, etc.

Disk Drive Recovery Software can easily recover deleted/lost files due to above mentioned reasons. The recovered files can be sorted on the basis of date, size, date and file type.

Features of Disk Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software can recover files from hard drives (SATA, IDE and SCSI), flash memory cards (XD, SD and MMC), iPods, USB external drive, etc.
  • Disk Drive Recovery Software can easily recover deleted files using Shift + Delete (Windows) and Command + Delete (Mac) keys.
  • One unique feature of this software is “Save Recovery Session”. Once you scan the hard drive to recover deleted/ lost files you can save the details of the deleted/lost files. If you have saved the details of deleted files, there is no need to rescan again.
  • This software is available for different versions of Mac (Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Mavericks) and Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, etc).

How to Use Disk Drive Recovery Software?

  • Download and install demo version of disk drive recovery software.
  • Select your respective scan option to recover deleted/lost file.
  • Select the partition from which you want to recover deleted/lost files.
  • Now start the process of scanning.
  • After scanning is complete, you can preview the lost/deleted files.
  • To save the information of deleted/lost files, save the Recovery Session.
  • If you are satisfied with the delivered results of demo version then purchase the full version of this software.
  • Now you can save the restored files.