How to Use ScanPST for Fixing PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent application used for communication purpose. It contains two types of files namely PST and OST. PST file is an important component of Microsoft Outlook in which we can work only when internet connection is available whereas we can work with OST file even in the absence of internet connection. The data storage capacity of PST file varies over different Outlook versions. When PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, then it results in the corruption of the file. To over come this type of situation we can apply scanpst.exe software. This scanpst.exe software is easy to download and is more reliable than in-built scanPST. There is only few steps needed to download scanpst.exe software and fix the issues.

Many times our PST files get severely damage due to several reasons. In that situation basically we try to fix this problem using in-built scanPST repair tool. This tool does not have high capacity to fix severely damaged file. In that situation you can use scanpst.exe to fix PST files. This software is more powerful and efficient than in-built scanPST tool. The in-built repair tool is not able to repair oversize corrupted files whereas scanpst.exe can easily fix oversized PST files very easily without damaging the file structure.

General scenarios for PST file corruption:

  • The size of the PST file in all Outlook versions is fixed. When the PST file reaches its maximum size limit, then it results in the corruption of the file. Therefore, you cannot access your Outlook profile in such situation.
  • PST file also get corrupted due to damaged networking device. Suppose, If your networking device is facing some problem then there is a chances that your PST file might get corrupted. This happens only when your network interface cards, switches, routers, cables, hubs and any other devices constitute the network links have some problem.
  • The PST file also get corrupted due to abrupt termination of Outlook application. Generally we quit application by clicking ‘exit’ or ‘close’ option from main item can cause deletion of few items from PST file. Sometimes, if computer gets shut down abruptly during opening and accessing of the PST file, then the PST file is prone to get corrupted or damaged. This happen usually due to power failure, or if you turn off the system without quitting Outlook application and Windows normally.
  • There are some other common reason for corruption of PST files like due to the occurrence of error while transferring the PST file after Outlook upgradation, virus attack, system error, improper shut down can damage the header of PST file, due to data storage device failure PST files can be easily corrupted.

Efficient features of ScanPST software:

  • This software can fix severely damaged PST file under any condition. Repairs password protected files without damaging the files.
  • ScanPST.exe software supports different version of windows operating system. It can also efficiently repair oversize corrupted PST file without any damage to the file structure of the source file. This PST file repair software can easily recover attachments from corrupted mailbox within few minutes.
  • Besides this, scanpst.exe software is more powerful and efficient as compared to the in-built scanpst repair tool of Microsoft Outlook application. This scanpst.exe software has strong repair engine along with special algorithms which helps in fixing severely damaged PST file with ease.
  • It can even retrieve deleted or lost Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, journals, events, tasks, etc. From Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.