Know How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

Today morning, I mistakenly formatted one of my hard drive partitions instead of other partition of my hard disk drive. I had saved all my important files in that hard drive partition. Unfortunately, I do not even have the backup of data, which I lost due to formatting. Is it possible now to recover formatted hard drive? If so, please can anyone suggest me a best solution to retrieve data from formatted hard drive? Thank you…!

Well, no need to worry, just remain calm because formatted hard drive recovery has become extremely easy now with the assistance of Hard Drive Recovery Utility. It has in-built algorithms, which helps in quick scanning of your formatted hard drive and recovering data from it in few couple of clicks in short span of time. It is a non-destructive read only utility, as it does not make any changes to the lost files. This utility is designed in such a way that, in the demo version of this tool itself, you can preview all the recoverable files even prior to restoration of lost files. It also permits you to save entire data recovery process and hence when you purchase this utility, you do not have to rescan your formatted hard drive. You can directly resume with the saved recovery session in the licensed version of this utility.

Possible reasons for data loss from hard drive:

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, when you might have thought of formatting your hard drive partition, you would have selected a wrong partition instead of some other hard drive partition. This might have resulted in loss of entire data from that particular hard drive partition.

Severe Virus Attack: Severe virus infection over your hard drive would have corrupted it. It might have resulted in severe corruption to your hard drive and you might have lost access to your hard drive data. In such a situation, you might have formatted your hard drive in order to overcome this issue,. In such a situation, if you do not have backup of your data, then you would have faced severe data loss.

Re-partitioning: Repartitioning is one of the most common reasons for the loss of data from your hard drive. You might have repartitioned your hard drive in order to reinstall the operating system or install an additional operating system along with the existing one. If you have done this without any proper backup of important files, then you might have encountered severe data loss.

Besides above mentioned scenarios, you might lose your important data from your hard drive due to some other reasons like accidental deletion of files, file system corruption, file transfer interruption, presence of bad sectors, hard drive failure, deletion by third party tool, etc. No matter how you lose your data from hard drive, formatted hard drive recovery is possible with the implementation of Hard Drive Recovery Utility software in few simple steps. It scans your entire hard drive and recovers all the lost and deleted files from it in few easy steps.

Features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

This utility is capable of recovering different types of files such as Word documents, PowerPoint files, images, music files, videos, games, application files, spread sheets, etc. It can restore files from formatted hard drive as well as from corrupted hard drive with utmost ease. This tool supports data recovery from different types of hard drive interfaces such as SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE. Using this utility you can even recover data from pen drive, external hard drive, flash drive, FireWire drive, thumb drive, memory card and other portable storage media in hassle free way. It supports formatted hard drive recovery on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.

The demo version of this utility enables you to preview all the recoverable files and even permits you to save the recovery session by providing “Save Recovery Session” option. So that, once you purchase the licensed version, you can resume with the saved recovery session by just selecting “Open Recovery Session” button. You can sort all the recovered files based on different file attributes like file name, file type, file size and date. This tool allows you to add or edit file signatures on recovered files in it is not listed. It is cost effective, fast and robust tool, which is completely free from malware and virus.

Precautions to be taken before using this utility:

  1. Further usage of your hard drive even after formatting reduces the chance of data recovery. If you save any new files over the lost files on your hard drive, then data recovery becomes impossible. So, after losing data due to accidental formatting, then immediately make use of this utility to recover data from formatted hard drive.
  2. Download this software on the healthy drive of your system. Do not download this tool on the hard drive partition from where you have to recover your lost files.