Know How to Reset Chromebook to Factory Settings

Chromebook is a Google’s Chrome OS based laptop that runs rather than Mac OS X or Windows. It looks more attractive and skill enough as utilizing the well-liked Chrome web browser but it has some additional salient characteristics. Nearly all its applications and services are running online which are not running locally. Google’s own Spreadsheet and Document applications capable of running offline and then synchronizing any task you have done to the cloud once or you are back on Wi-Fi. This effortlessness allows you to use Chromebooks with less powerful hardware compare to various Windows laptops without affecting the whole system performance. You won’t find high-end processors, large hard drives and large 15.6 inch display on Chromebooks. Instead of this powerful hardware, Google offers online storage 100 GB with every Chromebook machine and the mobile processors are the order of the day and the usual display screen size is nearly the 11.6 inch. There are many relationships across the available Chromebook models with a standard screen resolution and keyboard layout, fast boot up times.

Factory reset a chromebook even it won't boot

How to Factory Reset a Chromebook?

Chromebooks synchronize some information locally therefore you need to delete permanently your personal data when you are passing or selling your Chromebook. In such a situation, you can reinstall Chrome Operating system which is useful if you are in developer mode. With the help of factory reset you can wipe your entire data which are stored in Chromebook can be wiped. For example, data stored in the Favorites folder contains all local data which are deleted permanently by using factory reset. Chromebook contains most of the data on synchronize online therefore you can restore them by personal Google account sighing in. You should not see the “Chrome OS is missing” popup message on your screen, when you would like to reinstall Chrome OS.

You can force to boot your Chromebook into recovery mode. For this you need to turn off your Chromebook at first. Next à press Esc + Refresh button and hold down the Power button on the keyboard. Older Chromebooks are having physical data recovery buttons itself. Google offers a image gallery which are showing the exact location of the key button on various Chromebook models. Sometimes your Chromebook may not boot properly, by continue reading you can get idea to achieve factory reset in this non-booting situation. If your Chromebook is not booting properly you should perform a hard or force reset. This task can be achieved on modern Chromebooks by pressing Refresh + Power button. On a Chromebooks you have to disconnect and reconnect the power cable. But, you may want to or use a unique reset button or pull the battery on older Chromebooks and reinsert it. It can achieve on a new Chromebook by logging into your personal Google account.