Most Effective Way to Recover PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email client servers and by making use of it most of the organizations and individuals are carry out their day to day task by sending and receiving emails. Outlook has many elements such as Calendar, Notes, emails, Contacts, RSS feeds etc. By using these you can schedule meetings and generate reports and many other extraordinary things. The most important thing here is to notice that the entire Outlook related data can is stored in PST (Personal Storage Table) and OST (Offline Storage Table). These are the two data files responsible to store the Outlook related data.

However, because of some reasons, your Outlook PST file may get lost due to accidental system formatting or deleting the partitions. Once you lost PST file from your system then all the items related to the PST file may get deleted such as emails, contacts, notes etc. If you come across PST file loss or deletion scenarios through your system then no need to fret because your PST file can be recovered by using PST File Recovery Tool. This tool helps you out to recover PST file by creating healthy PST file from corrupt PST file.

Scenarios of PST file loss or deletion

Accidental Formatting: Sometimes users may delete system partitions unknowingly and in this case, PST files stored on the drive partitions may get deleted which results in loss of emails, contacts, and many Outlook related data.

Malware Attack: Sometimes your system may get infected by some malicious programs like malware, and these kinds of viruses may enter your system through downloading files from internet or else connecting infected devices to the system. If once such malicious data enters your system then there may be chances of PST file infection, and when a reliable anti-virus tool is used to scan your system then the anti-virus program may remove PST file

Bad Sectors: When a PST file is residing in bad sector then it makes the PST file inaccessible and it can be only retrieved only by using reliable recovery tool in order to get back

Apart from this scenarios, there are many others scenarios also due to which your PST file may get deleted or lost. Once you encounter this kind of problem then just by using PST File Recovery tool you can recover PST file very easily.

 Features of PST File Recovery Tool

  • This tool facilitates you to recover PST file in few simple steps.
  • This utility helps you to retrieve PST files of MS Outlook by which it can be possible to get back complete working profile of Outlook.
  • It helps you to retrieve PST data such as PST contacts, tasks, notes, journals, calendar items, RSS feeds and much more.
  • Apart from PST file, it is capable of recovering other types of files such as video files, audio files, zip files, images and many more.
  • This renowned application facilitates you to recover PST files from various Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, 2003. 2007, 2010, etc. To know complete PST Recovery just go to this link: