Regaining Photos from iPod

Have you lost beloved photos taken at the happiest moments?

iPod is an all in one device developed by Apple Inc. Apple offers different models in iPod such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, and iPod Classic. Except for iPod classic, almost all iPod devices use the internal flash memory for storing data. However, loss of photo files on iPod might take place due to various catastrophic situations. In these situations, you should use any better alternative iPod rescue software in an effort to carry out iPod files rescue on both Windows and Mac-based computers.

iPod consists of various tools such as iTunes Music application, App Store, Mobile Me, iBooks,  Games etc. By means of this iTunes application, you can move the media files such as pictures, movie files, games, contact details, and notes by connecting to different iPods through Bluetooth. However, iPods are more prone to file loss because of various catastrophic situations. The situations like firmware corruption, iPod synchronization error, accidentally opt for restoring factory settings, frozen iPod, inappropriate synchronization with the iTunes application, and hastily removing the iPod during file transfer etc might cause the loss of media files such as pictures, audio, movie files on the iPod. Let us know few significant case scenarios in concise, which can reason for a loss of media files to iPod.

  • Accidental restoring the iPod: Opting ‘Restore’ option on an iPod might wipe out all the media files stored on iTunes library and you can previous working condition of the iPod. If you have unintentionally used the restore selection in the iPod then there could chance loss of media files like pictures and music files on iPod.
  • Virus threats: Virus threats are most dodgy aspects of corrupting media files and even it could delete files from any storage devices by harshly corrupting files. Once these virus attacks enter into your iPod device while receiving data from a computer or any other device, it spreads all over your iPod memory and fraudulent all files and files might get deleted after files ruthlessly corrupted by these virus attacks and tends to picture loss.
  • iTunes Crash: Sometimes, the iTunes application might get a crash or stop working after installing the iPod updates and it makes your iTunes application library as well as the volume in which it is stored inaccessible tending to photo loss. This kind of crisis might happen due to corrupted iTunes library, broken system files in iTunes library,  Mac serious data structures or system files are corrupted or missing etc.
  • Accidentally deleting: Suppose while organizing or viewing or moving pictures folders in iPod, in such process if you accidentally delete folders then it leads to loss of a number of photos. So, while will this process be careful and avoid photo loss from simple mistakes.

Are you panicking for losing beloved photos due to the above-mentioned scenarios or due to any reasons? If yes then don’t worry because you still have a chance to get back those photos in a simple way by employing iPod recovery software unless the file is overwritten. This tool is enough capable to undelete iPod data after iPod frozen, firmware corruption, inaccessible due to many reasons.

Moreover, it is capable to rescue more than 300 files including documents, notes, PST, photos, audio and other files from any storage devices including hard disk, memory cards, USB drives etc. It is a user-friendly tool to perform recovery of  iPod photos of all formats such as JPEG, GIFF, PNG and even raw pictures etc, retrieves pictures, and video files from camera memory card after accidental formatting while accessing memory card data. In addition, you can employ this tool to carry out iPod music recovery on both Windows and Mac OS machines. Moreover, a demo version of this tool is also available in websites to check its efficiency in rescuing iPod pictures exclusively. If you are happy with the results obtained by demo version then buy this product to save those rescued pictures.

Tips to avoid data loss from iPod

  • Have a habit of maintaining a backup of favorite pictures
  • Use iPod slickly and avoids simple data loss
  • Avoid opts for restoring factory settings
  • Don’t connect iPod devices to virus-infected PC
  • Unplug devices safely from PC’s USB port

Tool to Fix PPT File That Isn’t Opening

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation program developed by Microsoft. In Microsoft PowerPoint, files are saved usually with PPT file extension.This application is used for creating individual digital slides which involve images, text, animations, multimedia items (audio and video clips), charts, other objects etc… These digital slides are then arranged freely to create dynamic presentations. PowerPoint presentations are widely used in areas such as marketing applications, educational institutions, in commercial sectors and in business meetings.

PPT stands for presentation file format. It may take lots of hard work and creativity to create a single presentation. Imagine a scenario in which your presentation gets corrupted that results in failure to open the file. Thus the data stored in the file becomes inaccessible making you feel frustrated as all your hard work goes down the drain. Every time when you try to open this corrupted file, error messages such as PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened may pop up. These error messages arise up due to a variety of reasons. By using Repair PPTX software you can repair these PPT files easily. Repair PPTX software has a very unique and easy user interface which enables users to repair corrupt PPTX file that cannot be opened in an effective manner.

Causes for error in opening PPT files:

  • Round Tripping: Round-tripping is a process which involves continually changing a file from one format to another. Error occurring during the process of round tripping PowerPoint file leads to corruption of that file.
  • Improper Saving of files: If opening and closing of a PowerPoint file are not performed in a proper manner, then it results in corruption of the file. Power failure also results in unexpected closure of PowerPoint files leading to its corruption.
  • Virus Attack: PPT file also gets corrupted in scenarios when its contents are infected by viruses. Malicious programs can cause damage to the file headers. They cause a modification to the header bytes making the file inaccessible to the user.
  • Application Malfunction: If PowerPoint application is not installed correctly can also result in corruption of PPT files. Any unauthorized modifications done by the third-party applications can also severely damage the PPT files.
  • Use of Recovery Software: Sometimes when we are using some recover utility to restore deleted PPT files, the recovered file may be fetched in incomplete file format. This happens due to an error in file systems. Such kind of files may be corrupted and you have to use a repair utility to fix that file.

In all above causes, users can repair PowerPoint file that is displaying an error message like PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened. This software allows users to scan corrupted PPT file which is inaccessible and creates a new copy of PPT file. This new PPT file created will have all the data of an old corrupted file. This software is able to repair corrupted PPT files on various Windows operating system platforms.

When messages regarding PowerPoint file corruption and errors in its opening pops up, there is no need to worry. We can make use of this easy to use software to come out of this error and regain all the contents of the corrupted file. This software provides support for various PowerPoint formats that include PPT, PPTX, PPS, etc. When this software repair PPT files, different attributes of PPT files are recovered. These recovered items include texts, images, animations, formatting, multimedia items (audio and video clips), charts etc.

Best procedure to recover lost Outlook emails

Outlook is the most trusted email client over the globe which is contributed by Microsoft Corporation to the email users. In addition to emails, Outlook also facilitates users to handle their e-mail contacts, calendar events, meeting schedules, appointments, tasks and others. Entire Outlook information associated with each of the attributes will be held in an individual database file called PST. Outlook uses .pst file as a local storage folder and stores each of the emails and other attributes data.

Sometimes information saved in Outlook profile gets delete or inaccessible on account of various reasons. Because most of the users regularly use Outlook for effective communication and data sharing, certainly there will probably be huge amount data held in their Outlook profile. Losing of such information is unbearable. Suppose if you have lost some important emails or any other data held in your Outlook profile, no requirement to worry as you can perform Outlook profile recovery and get back your lost or deleted data without difficulty.

PST file corruption is the major reason for losing Outlook data. Since PST will be the main database file which holds all of the user data like emails, contacts, etc. corruption of which freezes the access of Outlook and lastly brings an about large amount of critical data loss. Virus infection, oversized .pst file, improper termination of Outlook, file system corruption and Outlook migration are the reasons for PST file corruption. In order to fix the corrupt PST file and retrieve the stored information, it is possible to perform Outlook PST recovery using Outlook recovery software.

In addition to PST file corruption, accidental deletion is yet another reason for Outlook data loss. Sometimes users unknowingly delete some important emails or contacts and later they’ll realize their mistake. Luckily deleted emails is going to be kept in Deleted Items Folder, from which user can restore their deleted information. In the event when the items in deleted items folder are cleared after deleting a significant mail, the user will forfeit his deleted emails.

Since it is a known undeniable fact that PST file is prone to corruption, Microsoft provides a default inbox repair tool to solve the damaged PST file in addition to Outlook installation package. Unfortunately, scanpst.exe only repairs the damaged .pst file and not recovers the stored information and infrequently in the event that if your PST file is severely corrupted, it ceases to fix such files and there are chances that it might further corrupt PST file. To become top in repairing PST file and recovering data, it’s great to opt for some 3rd party PST repair tools.

One such trusted and read-only PST repair and Outlook recovery application is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This application treats your damaged PST file as read-only at repair. It scans the corrupt .pst file, extracts all the stored information and creates a brand new healthy file with extracted data, which ensures that your original .pst file remains intact while repairing. New.pst file will be created in Outlook 2003-2010 format which you can easily bring in for your Outlook profile with no modifications. Using this tool you are able to recover deleted or lost emails, contacts along with other data from PST file. If you’re looking for advanced Outlook repair and recovery software, begin to download Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Recover both lost and corrupted emails

When you load huge amounts of email messages into your Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox you make those messages extremely liable to file loss and corruption. This same problem occurs with the master version of the Microsoft email client, Outlook. Another problem occurs with these when they are automatically scanned for viruses. The anti-virus programs change the structure of the incoming file and make it unreadable. Both of these emails systems are great. Indeed they are the standard for the entire industry. Still, they have their glitches and often require the use of a program for Outlook and Outlook Express recovery.

REMO has developed programs specifically designed for Express dbx and Outlook PST repair. Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook on Vista or Outlook Express on Windows 98, REMO Software has programs that will assist you in quickly finding and restoring any lost or accidentally deleted emails.

Simple Way to Regain Lost Emails from Damaged PST File

In this computing world, most of the users communicate with people across the world by means of emails. Outlook is regarded as the most popular email application which is designed and developed by Microsoft Incorporation. Besides this, MS Outlook also contains various features for example Tasks, contacts, calendar, journal entries, set reminders, schedule events, notes, etc. All the data used in Outlook is saved by means of PST file which is abbreviated as Personal Storage Table, it acts as a repository file and normally saved on the hard drive of your local computer.

Even though this Outlook PST file is really important and holds all vital information, but there are situations in which due to some factors it gets damaged and starts behaving abnormally making the files inaccessible causing data loss. Worried about the emails lost due to PST file corruption?? Want to get back lost emails from damaged PST file??? Need not worry!!! You can use Outlook PST recovery software which will help you out in restoring the lost data and allows you to access the inaccessible files. The software can run all major versions of Windows operating system.

Now moving further, let us be familiar with the reasons under which PST files get damaged causing data loss.

Common scenarios for loss of data from PST file due to corruption are:

  •  If your PST file is shared over a faulty network then it gets damaged which in turn would let the user access the information stored in Outlook PST file resulting in loss of essential emails and other Outlook items.
  • When the anti-virus scanning application keeps scanning the incoming and outgoing emails, sometimes it causes corruption of PST file thereby making you face a huge loss of valuable emails.
  • By making use “Del” button, you might accidentally delete your email messages, calendar items, notes, etc. and also empty the deleted items folder leading to data loss. However, you can make use of reliable recovery tool to restore Outlook PST after accidental deletion.
  • In case your Outlook gets truncated improperly because of power outages while upgrading the MS Outlook from an older version to newer one for example from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010 then it might cause loss of emails from Outlook.

There are plenty of other reasons that are accountable for the loss of emails from Outlook wherein some reasons may be known to you and other might remain unknown. By using inbuilt inbox repair tool i.e. Scanpst.exe you can repair the damaged file and regain the lost data. Now the question which strikes your mind is can I repair Microsoft Outlook 2007 problems by using this repair tool? Yes, definitely you can fix the errors in any Outlook version only if the file is not severely corrupted. Because this tool is built for only minimally damaged PST files and for severe corrupted PST files you have to use Outlook PST recovery tool. The single edition of this tool can rescue PST file created on all Outlook versions.

Download the free trial version of this recovery utility and set up the installation on your system’s hard disk.  Double-click the desktop icon to run the tool and start the file restoration process. Choose suitable retrieving options that you get while working with Outlook PST recovery wizard. When you‘re done with the process, you can judge the functionality of this application and if the software has done PST file recovery as per your need then just go ahead and buy the full version available online.

Simple Process for Corrupted Word File Repair

MS Word is one of the most documents creating an application, designed by Microsoft Corporation It is mostly used in education and business field for creating and designing documents in an effective manner. There is a different version of MS word such as MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 are used by computer users.  MS Word uses two file extension DOC or .DOCX for save the file in Windows computer.

Sometimes, an encounter a problem such that disparity between the default encoding method when you are trying to open, then Microsoft Word display an encoding error. In such case, you may get tensed and find the simple process to repair corrupted MS word document file? Don’t tense? Here, it is the simple process to possible you can repair corrupted word file with the take assistance of Repair Corrupted Word File Software. This is simple and most recommended tool specially designed to repair corrupted word document file on all version of Windows OS.

Causes for MS Word Document file corruption:

  • Document File Transfer: While you transferring word document file from the external storage drive to a computer and vice versa, then sudden removal of pen drive from the system, and as their chance of file corruption.
  • Encoding Error: It is one of the main reasons behind the corruption of MS word file. MS Word automatically detects encoding standard that is used in a text file. When MS Word cannot determine encoding standard, then it displays File Conversion Encoding dialog box to make it readable.
  • Unreliable Converter Tool: Sometimes, while you converting a word file format one to other by using an unreliable third party converter tool, which infects the word document file and leads to corruption of file which makes its file unreachable or unreadable.
  • Storage Drive Corruption: When you connect the external hard drive to computer then it displays a this folder is empty, it means files get corrupted and lost due to bad sectors on hard drive.

Apart from above described common reasons behind the corruption of MS Word file, there are few more reasons such as overused system memory, hardware malfunction, upgrade MS word new version, etc. But you may not tense up when facing such scenarios because you can fix corrupted word file any time with the aid of Repair Corrupted Word File Software.

Significant Features of Repair Corrupted Word File software:

  • This application has got effective scanning algorithm which is capable to repair corrupted word document file in no time
  • This application is capable to corrupted word file repair on an almost latest version of Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 8, 7, 10 and Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008, and so on.
  • This tool repairs word document file of almost all version of MS word like MS word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 with utmost ease.
  • This program fix corrupted word file with file system FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS and NTFS 5 partition of the hard drive within few steps.
  • This utility has provides a preview option to view the repaired word document file before saving them to a storage location.


If your PSD files got damaged or it is missing and you want them badly to restore them back, then just don’t worry!!! With the help of perfect PSD recovery software, you can easily repair and retrieve all the corrupted PSD

  • Repair all those damaged and lost PSD files.
  • Apart from all those PSD files, it also even works effectively on retrieving all other image file formats
  • Helps in restoring all those various video and audio files from different kinds of information storage devices.
  • The tool helps in allowing the end users to preview all the recoverable files before software is being saved on the system.

The scenario of PSD files corruption:-

While working on one of the important files on the system, suddenly my system crashed I tried restarting it many times, those files were lost but when I open it only few information I was able to there. I don’t know what to do. Kindly need help!!

Restoring all lost PSD file is easy!!

The corruption of PSD file occurs very often, but if it occurs it is a major problem. If your PSD file got corrupted.

You think you cannot do anything but it is not at all the end. The corrupted PSD file can be retrieved. You need to just go for the recovery tool that accurately restores all the corrupted PSD files.

There are various causes because of which the PSD files get damaged. But before retrieving all those files let’s see the major causes of the damage.


There are various reasons that cause corruption of PSD files they are mentioned below:-

Due to virus attacks that infect the hard drive directly affects the information stored.

By transferring information on the virus infected device.

  • Due to a sudden power shutdown.
  • Unintentionally system shutdowns or crashes may damage the data stored on it.

To overcome all these causes there are few precautions mentioned below:-

To restore the damaged PSD files, the end users can make use of the PSD File Recovery software. It is a professional tool to restore all the corrupted PSD. It has the advanced and well-versed algorithms are designed that helps in completely scanning the storage device.

Steps to Repair Damaged PSD File:

Step 1Repairing damaged PSD file, just download and install the PSD Repair tool. Now select and click on Repair option. The user will get the main page

Step 2:   Now, just wait till the scanning process gets finished. Then the end user will get repair progress screen.

Step 3Once scanning process finishes, you can Preview all the data from preview to view the repaired PSD file.

Step 4: Finally click on “Save” button to save the repaired PSD file.


How to Insert Clickable Checkbox in MS Word 2016?

Checkbox feature in Microsoft Word helps its users to make a checklist that resembles whether he/she have completed the task or not. One can make a checklist with the help of check boxes that are clickable. One click on Checkbox once clicked gets it checked, and the second click on it gets unchecked. Now, you have understood the purpose of using Checkbox utility in Word application. Since 2016 edition of MS Word is the latest one and most of the users are using it, let us study in detail on how to insert clickable checkbox in Word application.

Procedure for inserting clickable checkbox in MS Word 2016:

Step 1: Open a Word file on your computer, and add a Developer tab in the Ribbon to insert a checkbox in the document. Developer Tab can be added in two ways: right click on any tab present on the Ribbon and among the popped options choose to Customize the Ribbon option that will allow you to add Developer Tab. Here, the second way is taken for demonstration. Now, go to the File Tab.

Step 2: Now, click on the Options tab under File tab

Step 3: Then, a Word Options dialog box will be displayed. In Word Options dialog box, click on the Customize Ribbon tab that is present on the left-hand side of the window.

Step 4: You will see Customize the Ribbon drop down box at the right-hand side of the window, from where you need to select Main Tabs. Just below the Customize the Ribbon tab, you will see a scroll box showing the Main Tabs that appear in the Ribbon. You can see your Developer tab there, just mark the checkbox in front of that and click OK.

Step 5: You will see now the Developer tab (1) is added in Ribbon. Now, click the place where you want to add the checkbox (2). Click on the Checkbox Content Control (3) button under Controls group of Developer tab. It will add a checkbox at the location of your cursor.

Step 6: Now, turn ON the Design Mode to change the checked and unchecked symbol of your checkbox. For this, just click on the Design Mode button in Controls group under Developer tab.

Step 7: Click on the checkbox of which you want to change the check and uncheck symbol and then click on Properties. You need to do this for each checkbox of which you want to change the check and uncheck symbol.

Step 8: Now, a Content Control Properties dialog box will pop-up. You will see a Change button in front of the Checked Symbol and Unchecked Symbol under the Checkbox Properties. Click on that change button.

Step 9: A Symbol dialog box will be popped out now. Select an appropriate symbol and click OK. Then, click on Design Mode button to turn it OFF, as the checkbox won’t work as long as the Design Mode is ON.

Step 10: Whenever you click on the checkbox, it will turn into the symbol that you has chosen.

This is the complete procedure to add a clickable checkbox in your Word document. However, sometimes, you may get some error message while you are trying to add a checkbox in your Word file. As a result, your Word document can get corrupt or damaged. This can happen due to insufficient knowledge of adding a checkbox in the Word file.  In a situation like this, how would you overcome the issue and make your Word file healthier? You don’t have to worry, as damaged Word document can be repaired easily with the help of amazing Word File Repair Tool. Whatever may be the error or cause behind corrupted Word file, Word File Repair Tool fixes the issue in a couple of clicks. Meanwhile, the software supports all versions of MS Word application starting from 2000 to recent 2016 edition of MS Word application.

Simple Way to Recover Deleted Folder

folder_PNG8754“Hi everyone, I was thinking to delete few files stored in a folder but unfortunately, I have deleted the entire folder itself from my system drive. This deleted folder was containing important data file like video clips, precious photos, some notes in the form of word documents, audios, text files and others. Is there any way by which I come to know how to recover folder? Files saved in this folder are very important for me. I am looking for a solution which can help to recover deleted folders. Please suggest me the way by which I can overcome from such difficult situations.”

Frequently Folders are created to save files in it. These folders enables user to organize the files according to their ways. By doing so, user would not get confused which files are stored where and easily remember by giving name to the folder. Thus, it will decrease the complexity of searching the data in the system hard drive. User can create as many as folders for keeping various data files, for example, if there is a lot of video clips in the laptop user can create folder by the name of video clips and copy all the video in it.

Though, there are some circumstances in which folders may get deleted due to various reasons that include human mistakes, virus or malware infection, and many more. This may lead to deletion or loss of folders from system drive by which all the files saved in this folder get deleted. After facing such difficult situations, user wants to get back deleted or lost folders, but the problem is they do not know how to recover folder after deletion from storage device. In order to overcome from such painful situations, user can take the help of Folder Recovery software and easily get back all deleted or lost folders from storage drives just by following few simple instructions.

Most common factors of Folder Deletion or Lose:

  • When people connect external drive to the system for transferring folders, during this process, if the drive is ejected abruptly, then it may lead to folder loss.

  • At time of extending the partition size, people may format wrong partition unintentionally instead of shrinking the partition which results in the loss of their important folders along with other information.

  • While changing the format of storage devices file system from one to another, if an error encountered in file system conversion process, which prevent user from accessing folder from the drive.

Amazing Features of Folder Recovery Software:

  • People can recover my picture folder with the help of this easy to use application on both Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows based system like Win 10, Win 7, Win XP, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion and others.

  • It successfully recovers folder on various hard drive interface such as SATA, IDE, PATA, SCSI, etc. without any difficulty.

  • Folder Recovery software is capable to recover deleted or lost folders from various data storage devices like an external hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, SSD, memory sticks, USB drive and many others easily.

  • Once the folder recovery process is completed, people can take the preview of all files saved in this folder before keeping them to other memory location.

Download Software to Repair MOV Files

after-recovery-tool-error-mov“…. One of the MOV file is damaged and not able to play on QuickTime. Whenever, I try to play: its unable to read and popping up with some error message. Is that possible to fix broken/damaged MOV video files?  If-so; how can I repair MOV file?

QuickTime is a media player which basically plays MOV video files and  also supports in handling various file formats like audios, movies, pictures, digital videos, etc. It is one of the most popularly used media player in present years.

If you are not able to play MOV files on QuickTime, don’t upset!!! You can easily repair MOV video file by using MOV File Repair Software with an ease. The reliable interface of the application provides step by step guidelines in repairing MOV files.

Different cases where the MOV file repair software can be used:

  • Case 1: Sometimes, any interruption while downloading MOV Video file from the browser might damage the MOV file. Such kind of files can be easily repaired by using this application toolkit.
  • Case 2: Virus is the dangerous threat that spreads all over the file system and damage the MOV file. The damaged MOV files which are unable to play on QuickTime can be repaired by using file repair software.
  • Case 3: While converting MOV file format to any other media format by using third party application may cause damage to MOV files. In such case this software becomes necessary.
  • Case 4:  Corrupted MOV files cannot be played on QuickTime. Such video files can be repaired in a couple of minutes by using this software.
  • Case 5: Most of the time, compressing the MOV file may cause damage. Damaged compressed MOV files can be repaired by using this software.
  • Case 6: If there is any audio-video sync out: Video is lagging behind the audio or vice-versa can be easily repaired.

If any MOV file is damaged/ corrupted and not able to play on QuickTime, move few steps ahead with file repair software

  • Firstly, download and install MOV File Repair Software on your operating system.
  • Run the software after successful installation. Later, browse and select corrupted or damaged MOV file which is to be repaired.
  • MOV file repair process will begin. After post completion of repair process you can preview the healthy MOV file.
  • Purchase the software to save repaired MOV files on the desired location.

Points to Remember:

  • MP4 files as well as other video format files recorded on different brands of camera can be successfully repaired.
  • Repairing audio stream and video stream separately is performed initially and later adjoins them together.
  • This software is compatible to repair damaged QuickTime MOV file on various versions of Windows as well as on different Mac Operating System.