How to Recover Songs Lost on iPod Classic Due to Sync Error?

Everyone, will prefer iPods for its user familiar characters. The iPod is a compact media player. The latest version of iPod classic had the large storage size among any device in the iPod series i.e., around 160 GB of storage. The iPod is used to store music files like MP3, M4P, AAC, M4A, etc. and video files (MOV, MP4, DivX, XVID, AVI, etc.). Have you imagined what happens if your music files lost from the iPod. Suppose if not, then set to face such situations. There is some problem which arises due to synchronization of iPod with computer. Due to such error iTunes software cannot able to transfer files.

However, these sync error can be easily resolved with the help of an ultimate tool called as Recover My iPod software. It is the frequently used and liked utility to restore iPod classic songs lost after sync error. Having this app, you can easily perform iPod music recovery after sync error on iPods.

How does the songs get lost on iPod Classic?

  • Improper Handling: While transferring the music file from computer to iPod by sync process, the abrupt removal or mishandling of iPod and power failure may causes the file to lose from iPod.
  • Virus Attack: Viruses contains destructive programs which might corrupt the files stored on iPod. Also, these viruses potentially damage the file system of iPod without user’s knowledge.
  • Sync Errors: During synchronization, if your iPod device stop its process due to some errors, then iPod Classic can’t be synchronized, later you may disconnect it from your computer and you will be shocked to see that your favorite iPod Classic doesn’t have few or any of your stored files.
  • File System Error: Logical damage in iPod Classic due to corruption of iPod file system can also be the chance for loss of music files from iPod.

These are few of the common causes for music files lose in iPod. Favorably, there are more reasons that make your music files to be lost from the iPod. Despite, we will get permanent solution for these problems i.e., recover my iPod software.

Advanced features of this software

  • This utility can effectively restore iPod classic songs lost after sync error.
  • This software is capable of retrieving lost music files and it can also restore video files in iPod after sync.
  • Using this app, you can also recover files from formatted iPod.
  • You can also apply this effective iPod recovery utility to retrieve lost files from iPod to bring back music files, video files and photo files on Windows as well as in Mac OS based computers.
  • It can be used for recovering data from memory cards, hard drives, pen drives, etc.
  • It also provides preview option to view the recovered files from iPod. If you satisfied with the recovery result, then you can purchase the licensed version of the software to save recovered iPod music files.

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

IPhone users might have the feeling, what is the need for jail breaking iPhone? Of course, when you have an iPhone with you there is no need to alter it any more, jail breaking or not is depended on the user’s mind set. In this article, we will take you to the benefits and risks of jail breaking iPhone as per our knowledge. We will look to clear your doubts on the following queries: Is it safe to do jailbreak on an iPhone? How to jailbreak an iPhone? Is it really worth to do jail breaking?

Most of the iPhone users rate iPhone as fantastic, stylish, elegant and much more; they are extremely happy with the services provided by Apple iPhone and the thousands of apps in App store have always satisfied them. But there are crazy people in this world, who are not satisfied with whatever they get and always wanted to break free from the restrictions set by the manufacturers. They wanted to move a step ahead from the manufacturers, often individual programmers come up with amazing apps and really would like use for themselves or for others. These spirited people are called as jail breakers. From the days of iPhone’s launch i.e. 2007 they were playing Tom and Jerry.

Why iPhone users need to jailbreak?

The jail breaker’s frustration is reasonable to an extent. When you take Mac PC’s, it will always allow us to do almost everything you want like to use alternative software’s instead of the default applications say for example if you don’t want safari as the internet browser by default, you can always change it Firefox or whatever. But the case with iPhone is totally different, there are better alternatives for iOS’s default apps but even if try to change it some of the apps in iPhone will revert it to iOS apps itself. For example when you click on an email address or a URL, it will boot up with Safari at first. The other fact is that you are not permitted to change the default look of iPhone, taking control of downloads or to install any other apps from App stores other than iOS App store. Apple is dictating terms mostly, you can do things when they let you do and therefore iPhone users started jail breaking. If you want to do things on your own, then you will have to jail break iPhone.

Not familiar about jail breaking, here is a brief about it

What is jail breaking? Jail breaking is initiated to remove the limitations set by Apple, so that user can alter the iPhone software. The most hated limitation is app installation only from iOS’s app store. If you jail break your phone then you can install apps from the rival stores too. You will have to download the apps manually from internet.

How is jail breaking different from iPhone unlocking?

When you buy an iPhone from any networks who have taken it as a contract. It may be locked with that particular network. You can only use their Sim in that phone. By unlocking you will be permitted to use other network connections also. But it is not going to change the restrictions set by Apple, it remains the same. Unlocking can be called as breaching the mobile phone contract.

Benefits of jail breaking your iPhone?

  • You will get total control of your phone.
  • Can easily download apps from any App store, not just restricted to use apps only from iOS’s App store
  • The default apps can be changed with the alternatives which you would like to have.
  • It allows you to customize your iPhone’s look, create a feel which suits your personality. There is no need to stick with the limitations that they have set to have for you.
  • It also helps you to create mobile hotspot, so that you don’t need to spend any bugs for that. You can easily by pass the restrictions set by them quite easily.

Is it legal to jail break iPhone?

Most of the iPhone users have this doubt. If you have planned about jail breaking your iPhone then move forward, there is no legal issues for jail breaking. You will get plenty of video tutorials and other resources over the internet, if you search for how to jail break iPhone? Watch it carefully, make sure that you are following every step precisely.

But it is always advised to take the backup of iPhone, which will help you if something terrible happens. See also the technical risk involved in jail breaking your iPhone before moving forward with jail breaking. To know more about whether jail breaking is really worth doing, read on this page.

Cons of jail breaking your iPhone

  • It will void your iPhone’s warranty. It’s better to jail break your iPhone only after completing the warranty period as you don’t need to take the slightest risk.
  • The safety features of Apple iPhone may get breached as you might think of dumping your iPhone with exciting apps but there is a possibility of malwares entering into your iPhone along with it.
  • When Apple itself is providing you with exciting features, forcing iPhone to breach the security makes the device quite vulnerable.
  • There is a slight risk of iPhone becoming nonfunctional if something goes wrong after jail breaking liking deletion of important files.

Are you thinking to do it?

It’s up to you to decide. You may decide to jail break to get more features or to customize your iPhone to make it more pleasing for you. Anyway we hope that you have understood the technicalities involved with jail breaking an iPhone.

Features Available in Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is the server based operating systems designed by Microsoft in Feb 2008 especially for sever based systems. In this operating opting system Microsoft added some of the new advanced features and also overridden some of the existing features of the Microsoft Server 2003. Let’s see what features are included in Windows Server 2008?

General features included in Windows Server 2008:

Printing: In Windows Server 2008, Microsoft included the XPS specification feature that enhanced the efficiency and printing quality of the system. In this operating system platform, Microsoft also added one more feature i.e. Print Management Console (PMC) to reduce the effort of the administrator for setting the printer to the server system because PMC automatically detects the connected printers and performs the driver installation in few simple steps.

Terminal Services: In Windows Server 2008 terminal services can be easily implemented using Remote Desktop Connection that allows the users to share the desktop among the several client computers. By using this feature, you can also run the programs by the server as well as client machines.

Power Shell: Power Shell in the Windows Server 2008 allows configuring Windows operating system using command line as in UNIX and it also allows to perform the repetitive tasks more easily as you can perform in UNIX using BASH.

Network related features included in Windows Server 2008:

IPv6 IP address support: Windows Server 2008 operating system supports the IPv6 version of the IP address range i.e. is nothing but it provides the wider range of computer connected across the network compare to the IPv4 IP address range that supports 32-bit IP address range. By including this feature, it also allows to send bigger data packets over the network.

WPF: WPF is the another network related feature added in the Windows Server 2008 that allows the packet filtering and it also allows to operate all famous protocols related to network, transport and session easily over the network. By using this feature, you can securely work on the system with secure firewall and other network security features included in Windows Server 2008.

Besides these other features included in the Windows Server 2008 are listed below:

Active directory related services like certificate services and federation services. Other services include DHCP management services, DNS Server management, Fax Server management, IIS Server management, Domain name services, UDDI services and many more.

Reliable Way to Recover Files from External Drive

External hard drives are used to transfer and back up important data. It is a portable storage device which is convenient to carry at different workplace. So it makes much easier to transport large files or data from one device to another. Sometimes files get deleted or lost due to human errors such as accidental deletion, improper ejection, etc.

If you are facing such condition, don’t get panicked External Drive Recovery tool is able to recover files from External hard drive with no issue. This software is capable in recovering data from inaccessible, damaged, formatted, reformatted, corrupted USB hard drive. It is the fastest application to restore data from external hard drives. External Drive Recovery tool is effective to external file recovery with great ease. It is compatible both Windows and Mac operating system. This software includes few simple steps to recover files from External hard drive.

There are lots of reasons due to which files get lost from External Hard Drive. Some of the most common reasons for data loss are mentioned below:

Accidental Deletion: External hard drive users keep deleting unwanted files from external hard drive to make some free space. While deleting files, users select some important files from hard drive. This results in deletion of files or data from hard drive.

Accidental Format: Format option is used to clear all data from hard drive. While performing some task, user accidentally selects format option which completely wipes out all data and files from External Hard Drive. You can recover deleted files from external hard using this tool in a simple and effective manner.

File System Corruption: File system is used to access files from different storage device. Sometimes file system get corrupted due to virus attack which make files stored on external hard drive unreachable. This software is very effective to perform external hard drive recovery.

Improper Ejection: When external hard drive is ejected abruptly without proper procedure then there is high possibility that files transferred at that time get lost from external hard drive.

Other Reasons: Several other reasons which are responsible for data loss from external hard drive are third party application, deletion of partitions, error while creating partitions, etc. You can make use of this tool to recover files from external hard drive.

Features of External Drive Recovery Software

  • This software is easy to install on all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It is capable in recovering almost 300 types of file format such as songs, videos, pictures, text, zip, documents, etc.
  • It includes a scanning tool which scans recovered files and data from external hard drive.
  • This software has an enormous feature known as Save Recovery Session which allows users to save the recovery timing.
  • By using External Drive Recovery tool, you can recover files from Western Digital, SanDisk, Toshiba, Samsung etc.
  • Demo version is used to preview the recovered files from external drives. User is not able to save the recovered files before purchasing the software.
  • It is one of the fastest applications available online to retrieve data from External hard drive.

How to uninstall, update or install programs in Mac OS X?

OS X is a graphical interface operating system developed and designed by Apple Inc. The first version of OS X is released in year 1999. It is second widely used operating system after Windows within the market of laptops and desktops. The latest version of OS X is 10.10 Yosemite released in Oct 14, 2014.

Steps to install program in Mac OS X:

  1. First insert an optical disk into CD drive of laptop or computer. This method is used to install apps through optical disk.
  2. To install applications through internet, just go through the application and double click on disk image or package file. If the given installer doesn’t open automatically, open it and follow the given instruction.

Steps to update program in Mac OS X:

For manual upgrade of apps in Mac OS X

Select Apple Menu > Apple Store then finally clicks on update option.

Steps to uninstall program in Mac OS X:

You can uninstall the apps that you got from some website other then Mac App store. Like Safari and Mail, you can’t uninstall these apps which are part of MAC OS X.

Now follow some steps to uninstall the app that are downloaded from Mac App store:

Click Launched icon in the Dock and hold the icon until and unless ico begin to jiggle.

Now click on app’s delete button.

If you want that app later then you can easily reinstall that app from the Mac app store.

If an icon doesn’t have delete option then you can’t be uninstalled that app in Launch pad.

Apps that have an uninstaller: Go to Finder sidebar, then click Applications. If the application is inside a folder, it might have an Uninstaller. Click and open the application’s folder. If you see Uninstall or Uninstaller, presses double-click on it and go through the onscreen instructions.

Apps that don’t have an uninstaller: Go to Finder sidebar, and then click Applications. Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash then choose Finder > Empty Trash.

Note: If you are facing any problem to uninstall, update or install programs in Mac OS X, you can refer this link.

Perform Instant Data Recovery from Memory Chip

A memory chip is an electronic component or an integrated circuit made of millions of transistors or capacitors which stores information in the form of digital data. There are different forms of chips. For example DRAM, FIFO, EPROM, PROM etc. some chips can be directly connected while others chips may require special adapter. Different types of data can be stored in the chip in the form of photos, audio, video etc. Data loss in chip is a common factor and can happen to anyone. There are different scenarios how data in chip is vanished and how to prevent it.

Causes of data loss in chip:

Digital information which is stored in the form of image, video or audio might get erased. If this happens then there is no need to get depressed. Following are the factors which show how files are vanished from chip:

  • Viruses/spyware/malware attacks: Your data in chip might get erased due to the presence of virus. System could get infected due to virus either from internet or by sharing files.
  • Accidentally formatting: Data in your chip can be completely vanished during formatting of your device without your knowledge.
  • Data loss due to removal of the chip in unsafe mode: Data from a chip can be easily accessed with the help of an adapter. But if the memory card reader is suddenly removed while transferring data loss can occur. Ejecting the card reader without safe mode is bad idea.
  • Improper handling: It is a well-known factor that if delicate devices like a DSLR camera or any electronic device is not handled properly then data can be permanently damaged.
  • Damaged chip: Sometimes there are problems in the chip itself. These problems are due to bad sector, manufacturing device, physical damage of the chip etc. If these problems are present in the chip then the data in the chip are not accessible.

Prevention of data loss in chip:

If you don’t want to bump your head in the wall when the data is erased in chip then it is better to follow some simple rules. These rules will keep you away from trouble.
Use of good security system: An updated antivirus or an internet security with an inbuilt firewall will always keep your data in chip safe and secure. You need to keep scanning the chip regularly so that virus does not affect your system. Updating the antivirus will install latest virus definitions which is always a good idea to keep your chip healthy.
Remove your chip adapter in safe mode: Remember to always remove your adapter or memory card reader in safe mode once your task is done.
Keep a backup of your data: Always keep a backup of your data so that in case if you lose it then it could easily be recovered.

How to carryout chip data recovery process?

Chip data recovery is a hectic process and involves lot of effort. Images, videos, and other information which are damaged or lost due to many other reasons are not so easy to recover. But all your problems can be taken care of with the help of software called Digital camera photo recovery tool. This is an awesome recovery tool which is used to carry out chip data recovery. This software has the following features:

  • Photos erased from corrupt memory stick, hard disk drive, etc. can be recovered swiftly done with the help of this memory chip data recovery tool.
  • It could also recover your lost image files, video files, etc. while transferring from one storage device to another.
  • Supports different type of system formats like NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16 etc.
  • Recover photos from different various brands of camera and other digital device like NIKON D700, Panasonic etc.
  • A trial version helps you to check its efficiency before buying this tool.


Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from SanDisk Drive

SanDisk is a most popular company that develops, design and manufactures flash memory drive. SanDisk is one of the largest manufacturing companies of flash drive. Most of the users prefer SanDisk drive to store data such as files, documents, pictures, songs, videos etc. SanDisk drive is used in different electronic gadgets like mobile, tablet, cameras etc. Sometimes photos from SanDisk drive get deleted or lost due to certain reasons like accidental deletion, unintentional format etc.

Digital Picture Recovery software is one of the finest tools available in the market to recover SanDisk photo which get deleted or lost due to certain reason. This software is effective to perform SanDisk photo recovery in few steps. It is one of the best recovery tools available online across the globe. This software recovers deleted or lost photos from SanDisk drive keeping original file unmodified.

Scenarios due which photos get deleted or lost from SanDisk drive

Accidental Deletion: The user is deleting unwanted photos but accidentally selects all photo then press delete all option which results in deletion from SanDisk drive. If user is deleting file from memory card while connected to system is another reason for permanent deletion of photo.

Virus/Malware Attack: While connecting memory card to infected system, virus intruded in it. As a result of which the photos from SanDisk drive might get corrupted or lost.

Unintentional Format: It is one of the most common reason due to which photos get deleted or lost from SanDisk drive. If you choose format option accidentally, when SanDisk drive connected to your system, then it will result in deletion of all photos stored in SanDisk memory card.

Improper File Transfer: While transferring photos from SanDisk drive to system if any sort of interruption occurs like sudden system shut down due to power fluctuation, battery failure then this may result in deletion of photos from SanDisk drive as well as from the system.

Third Party Application: The user is scanning SanDisk dive with antivirus, some of the photos are not compatible with this antivirus and results in corruption of files from SanDisk drive.

Features of Digital Picture Recovery Software

  • Digital Picture Recovery software simple to install on any operating system.
  • It is compatible with different version of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008) and Mac (Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard).
  • Very less space is requires on system for successful installation of this software.
  • This software is very helpful in recovering photos of different file format such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc.
  • The recovered photos can be saved either in internal or external storage device which is totally depends upon the user.
  • It is available in demo version also so it is easy for users to check the effectiveness of the software. It is the best part of software since user is able to understand the working of software before purchasing.
  • Technical support team is always available to provide support to user who finds difficulty while accessing the software. 24X7 service is given to customers.
  • It is simple and efficient software to perform SanDisk photo recovery.
  • Using this software, you can even recover different types of media files such as videos, MP3 songs, MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.

How to Restore Data from Mac Lion

 Mac stands for Macintosh Computer are developed by Apple Incorporation. Apple Incorporation releases one of the latest Operating System named as Mac OS X Lion version 10. 7 for Apple’s desktop and sever machines in 2010. The advanced features that comes with Mac Lion Mac operating system include multiuser screen sharing, full screen apps, ASLR, emoji support etc. It also includes the user friendly GUI feature on this operating system. For the detailed information about the features of Mac OS X Lion Operating System you can refer this link: Mac OS X Lion

This operating system has new inbuilt capability to share the data and resources among multiple users over the Network. Even though you are provided with several features, still there are some disadvantages like possibility of data deletion and corruption.

Common reasons for deletion of data in Mac Lion:

  • Emptying Trash: When files and folder deleted from any Mac hard drive then it directly moves into the Trash folder of Mac hard drive. But, sometimes user deletes these files manually from the trash folder after completion of each process by neglecting the data loss .It can cause the deletion of data permanently from the Mac OS X Lion. In such scenarios, user needs to recover the data.
  • Accidental Deletion: The accidental deletion is the most common scenario in any Mac operating system. Accidental pressing of “Command+ Delete” key can cause the permanent data deletion of data. In this deletion scenario, data doesn’t get stored into the trash folder that’s why user needs Mac Undelete Lion to recover permanently deleted data.
  • Formatting the Mac Volume: Formatting the Mac operating system volume without taking proper backup of data can also cause the data loss or permanent data deletion in Mac computer.
  • Virus and malware threats: Virus and malware can also infect the important bootable files of the operating system. While scanning the system using an unreliable antivirus causes the deletion of those infected files. In this scenario, user required to recover these deleted files in order to restore the system again in a healthy state.

While you came across these above mentioned data deletion scenarios then in you do not need to be panic. Mac Undelete Software is the best options for any user to recover data from Mac Lion by using Mac Undelete Tool. Mac Undelete Tool is the most comprehensive and reliable software i.e. specially designed to recover deleted files on Mac undelete lion.

Advanced features of Mac Undelete Tool: 

  • It can recovers the data from Mac undelete lion  on following Mac operating system platforms like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks etc.
  • Mac Undelete Software used to recover data from Mac undelete lion on all latest versions of Windows operating systems.
  • It supports following hard drive partitions in order to recover deleted data like FAT, Extended FAT, HFSX, HFS+ etc.
  • The inbuilt scanning algorithm of tool quickly scans all deleted files like audio, video, documents etc.
  • The tool can also recover the files from corrupted and bad sectored hard drive by using unique signature of the file
  • After the recovery, we can preview the recovered files by using “Preview” option before the restoration of the recovered files on any storage device
  • The “save recovery session” allows to save the recovered session and allows to resume this recovery at any point of time.

Recover Data from a Crashed Mac Hard Drive

Mac hard drive is used to store huge collection of data such as video clips, important documents files, pictures, audios files, text files, etc. Sometimes, Mac hard drive gets crashed because of various logical or physical damages or technical faults. Once your Mac hard drive gets corrupted or damaged then the data stored onto it becomes inaccessible or unreadable.  Also, it is bit difficult to recover data from crashed Mac hard drive.

In such condition, the first query arise in your mind is “how to recover data from a crashed Mac hard drive? Don’t panic, you can easily retrieve files from crashed hard drive on Mac with the use of the best and highly ranked utility called Disk Recovery Mac software. This software is most eminent tool to recover data from crashed or damaged hard drive on Mac operating system with utmost ease.

Common Situations for Mac Hard Drive Getting Crashed

  • Physical or Logical Reasons: Mac hard drive may get crashed due to read/write crash, over clocking of CPU cycles, exposure to heat or moisture, dropping hard drives, aging of hard drives, etc. As a result, you will lose data from it.
  • Volume Map Corruption: Volume map is a storage space that contains information about the Mac volumes like name, sizes, number of volumes, etc. If volume map get corrupted, then the operating system does not perform the boot process, as a result data may go missing from it.
  • Abruptly Shutdown of System: While accessing data, if your system gets abruptly shut down due to sudden power failure or some other reasons, then you may lose data from it.
  • Other Facts: Your Mac hard drive may get crashed and you may lose data from it due to other reasons like accidental deletion of program files which are important to run disk drive results in hard drive failure, Master Boot Record (MBR) failure, unintentional format of your MAC Hard Drive partition, etc.

If these are the reasons you have encountered and end up with crashed drive then do not worry as you can easily recover data from crashed hard drive of your Mac system with utmost ease.

Special Features of Disk Recovery Mac Software:

  • This is one of the most desirable tool which is highly recommended by professionals to perform crashed Mac hard drive recovery with ease.
  • This software is designed with advanced features which help you to save and restore data from crashed Mac hard drive without any difficult procedures.
  • Disk Recovery Mac Software is user friendly on different versions of Mac Operating System such as Mac OS 10.5, Mac OS 10.6, Mac OS 10.7, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain, Mavericks, etc.
  • This application is capable of recovering data from crashed Mac hard drives of different Mac file systems such as FAT32, HFS, HFS+, etc.
  • This can securely and quickly restore different types of files like MPG, MPEG, MP4, MP3, AVI, JPG, PNG, DOC, DOCX, PPT, TXT, etc.
  • This tool performs an effective scanning operation in order to retrieve data from crashed Mac hard drive of different types like SATA, SCSI or IDE in an efficient manner.
  • You can also use this utility to recover Mac hard drive data from formatted, reformatted Mac hard drive partition in well- organized way.
  • It has a preview option which helps you to view the recovered data before saving it.

Find an Easy Way to Open a PPT File that Refuses to Open

Getting ready for your first PowerPoint presentation in the company….!! Oh…now you are unable to open your PPT file just before your presentation. Now, you are feeling tensed, don’t you…”

Hey, don’t get panic, relax there is still a way to impress your boss with your presentation. You are having a simple way out from this problem. Usually, we find that some of PPT file is corrupted and cannot open due to some reasons. After getting stuck in such situation you can easily repair your PPT file with the help of “Repair PPTX”, which is a great software in this situation. This software is quite a user friendly as it also helps user by guiding them in process of repairing corrupted PowerPoint file that refuse to open.

Actually, PPT or PPTX is a file extension for Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. PowerPoint is commonly used for presentation purpose in office or in educational slide shows. All the texts, images, sound, and videos used in the presentation can be viewed using PowerPoint viewer or open office software suite. To know more about Microsoft PowerPoint, you can refer to this page.

Some reasons responsible for failing PPT file to open

  • Abrupt closing: Now, it has become a normal issue for corrupting any file. While working with your PowerPoint file, you may encounter any abrupt closing of file due to Power failure, uneven shutdown of system due to software conflicts, any hardware problems and many other issues.
  • Virus Attack: In this world of internet there is always a possible threat for our system and files related to that particular system i.e. due to virus attack or malware problems. It may lead to corruption of the PPT file and can provide uneven error message depicting that PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened.
  • Round Tripping: Round Tripping refers to changing any file format from one type to another on regular basis. If any type of error occurs during round tripping PowerPoint, it causes the corruption of PowerPoint file.
  • Other Reasons: Some of the other reasons for giving error message like PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened are incomplete file transfer, improper installation of PowerPoint file, downloading error, hardware issues, software conflicts, bad sector on hard disks etc.

In each of the reasons given above user can repair PowerPoint file showing the error message like PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened. So, with the help of “Repair PPTX” user can scan corrupted file and recreate a new PPT file having same characteristics of old corrupted file. This software deals with PPTX file that refuses to open on different Windows platform.

Repair PPTX can be used comfortably and efficiently over different PowerPoint file format like PPT, PPTX, and PPS etc. When Repair PPTX repair PPTX files on the system, different attributes of PPTX files get recovered. Some of the recovered items are text, formats images, sound effects, hyperlinks, styling, etc.  Repair PPTX provides guideline to user during installation process and as well provides an ease to use kind of environment for software. In-spite of that, if somehow you find any problem while using this utility then you can contact support team which is available 24*7 for your help.