Perform Instant Data Recovery from Memory Chip

A memory chip is an electronic component or an integrated circuit made of millions of transistors or capacitors which stores information in the form of digital data. There are different forms of chips. For example DRAM, FIFO, EPROM, PROM etc. some chips can be directly connected while others chips may require special adapter. Different types of data can be stored in the chip in the form of photos, audio, video etc. Data loss in chip is a common factor and can happen to anyone. There are different scenarios how data in chip is vanished and how to prevent it.

Causes of data loss in chip:

Digital information which is stored in the form of image, video or audio might get erased. If this happens then there is no need to get depressed. Following are the factors which show how files are vanished from chip:

  • Viruses/spyware/malware attacks: Your data in chip might get erased due to the presence of virus. System could get infected due to virus either from internet or by sharing files.
  • Accidentally formatting: Data in your chip can be completely vanished during formatting of your device without your knowledge.
  • Data loss due to removal of the chip in unsafe mode: Data from a chip can be easily accessed with the help of an adapter. But if the memory card reader is suddenly removed while transferring data loss can occur. Ejecting the card reader without safe mode is bad idea.
  • Improper handling: It is a well-known factor that if delicate devices like a DSLR camera or any electronic device is not handled properly then data can be permanently damaged.
  • Damaged chip: Sometimes there are problems in the chip itself. These problems are due to bad sector, manufacturing device, physical damage of the chip etc. If these problems are present in the chip then the data in the chip are not accessible.

Prevention of data loss in chip:

If you don’t want to bump your head in the wall when the data is erased in chip then it is better to follow some simple rules. These rules will keep you away from trouble.
Use of good security system: An updated antivirus or an internet security with an inbuilt firewall will always keep your data in chip safe and secure. You need to keep scanning the chip regularly so that virus does not affect your system. Updating the antivirus will install latest virus definitions which is always a good idea to keep your chip healthy.
Remove your chip adapter in safe mode: Remember to always remove your adapter or memory card reader in safe mode once your task is done.
Keep a backup of your data: Always keep a backup of your data so that in case if you lose it then it could easily be recovered.

How to carryout chip data recovery process?

Chip data recovery is a hectic process and involves lot of effort. Images, videos, and other information which are damaged or lost due to many other reasons are not so easy to recover. But all your problems can be taken care of with the help of software called Digital camera photo recovery tool. This is an awesome recovery tool which is used to carry out chip data recovery. This software has the following features:

  • Photos erased from corrupt memory stick, hard disk drive, etc. can be recovered swiftly done with the help of this memory chip data recovery tool.
  • It could also recover your lost image files, video files, etc. while transferring from one storage device to another.
  • Supports different type of system formats like NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16 etc.
  • Recover photos from different various brands of camera and other digital device like NIKON D700, Panasonic etc.
  • A trial version helps you to check its efficiency before buying this tool.