Recover data from formatted Pen Drive on Windows OS

Pen drive is a portable data storage device, where you can store and retrieve the files. Pen drives are rewritable, removable, and physically they are very small, that’s the reason why the pen drives are convenient to carry the files anywhere. This data storage device can be used for different reasons like transferring files from one system to other or from one storage device to another. There are chances of loss of files or accidental deletion of files due to accidental formatting of pen drive instead of formatting targeted drive. As a result,  you may lose lot of important stored files from pen drive. In such kind of situation if you are thinking about, how to recover data from formatted pen drive then read this article and get easy solution of to perform pen drive recovery.

Even though there are many advantages of pen drive, data loss is a common problem, because of its portability. However you need not to worry, you can recover formatted files from pen drive by using professional recovery software. Other than accidental formatting of pen drive, you may face data loss from it because of many more reasons like, mistakenly deletion of files from pen drive, loss of files while transferring data from pen drive to other storage device, many times you may forget to unplug the pen drive before turning off your system, pen drive is affected by virus or malware attack. In all such kind of situation, you can recover lost or deleted data from pen drive using one of the recovery software like Windows file recovery software. This software is helpful for file recovery from pen drive in the above mentioned situations.

Along with pen drive recovery, Windows file recovery software also helps in recovering lost and deleted files from Windows OS in different situations. Some of those situations are mentioned below,

  • Error while partitioning/re-partitioning process of hard disk drive.
  • Data loss due to interruption in the formatting/reformatting of system hard drive.
  • Loss of files due to corruption of Windows registry.
  • Virus or malware attack on Windows system.
  • Damage of file system like FAT and NTFS.
  • Accidental deletion of data using “Shift+Delete” keys.

These are the most common reasons, due to which you may lose data from Windows OS and from other storage device. So if you want to avoid such kind of data loss situation in future, then you can keep a backup of your important files from system and from other storage device, Therefore, it can be restorable in case of any future data loss scenarios. Keeping a good and updated antivirus is the most important to avoid virus and malware attack on system. Never download or upload your important data from untrustworthy sites. Before shutting down your system check whether you have closed all applications or not. Always scan your pen drive by antivirus before using it.

Inspite of following all such precautionary measures, if you are facing the data loss from Windows OS then you can recover files on Windows OS using Windows file recovery software. This software has some advanced features like; it is capable to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible files from Windows hard drive as well as from other storage devices like SD card, CF card, XD card, MMC card, Pen drive, iPod etc. Windows file recovery software is efficient to recover more than 300 file types with its name, date, size and format on the basis of their unique signature. This software helps to restore files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted or damaged hard drive. Even if you re-installed Windows system then also this software helps to recover data from it. Windows file recovery software is capable to perform file recovery on all latest versions of Windows, i.e. you can perform Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP file recovery.

If you want to recover your lost and deleted data from such storage device then download free demo version of Windows file recovery software. Before purchasing this software you can preview your recovery results using demo version of this software. If you feel satisfied with this result, then you can buy this software to save those results. To use this software there is no need of much technical knowledge because this software GUI is very user friendly and moreover software is provided with user manual which will guide you to recover your lost and deleted files.