Regaining Photos from iPod

Have you lost beloved photos taken at the happiest moments?

iPod is an all in one device developed by Apple Inc. Apple offers different models in iPod such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, and iPod Classic. Except for iPod classic, almost all iPod devices use the internal flash memory for storing data. However, loss of photo files on iPod might take place due to various catastrophic situations. In these situations, you should use any better alternative iPod rescue software in an effort to carry out iPod files rescue on both Windows and Mac-based computers.

iPod consists of various tools such as iTunes Music application, App Store, Mobile Me, iBooks,  Games etc. By means of this iTunes application, you can move the media files such as pictures, movie files, games, contact details, and notes by connecting to different iPods through Bluetooth. However, iPods are more prone to file loss because of various catastrophic situations. The situations like firmware corruption, iPod synchronization error, accidentally opt for restoring factory settings, frozen iPod, inappropriate synchronization with the iTunes application, and hastily removing the iPod during file transfer etc might cause the loss of media files such as pictures, audio, movie files on the iPod. Let us know few significant case scenarios in concise, which can reason for a loss of media files to iPod.

  • Accidental restoring the iPod: Opting ‘Restore’ option on an iPod might wipe out all the media files stored on iTunes library and you can previous working condition of the iPod. If you have unintentionally used the restore selection in the iPod then there could chance loss of media files like pictures and music files on iPod.
  • Virus threats: Virus threats are most dodgy aspects of corrupting media files and even it could delete files from any storage devices by harshly corrupting files. Once these virus attacks enter into your iPod device while receiving data from a computer or any other device, it spreads all over your iPod memory and fraudulent all files and files might get deleted after files ruthlessly corrupted by these virus attacks and tends to picture loss.
  • iTunes Crash: Sometimes, the iTunes application might get a crash or stop working after installing the iPod updates and it makes your iTunes application library as well as the volume in which it is stored inaccessible tending to photo loss. This kind of crisis might happen due to corrupted iTunes library, broken system files in iTunes library,  Mac serious data structures or system files are corrupted or missing etc.
  • Accidentally deleting: Suppose while organizing or viewing or moving pictures folders in iPod, in such process if you accidentally delete folders then it leads to loss of a number of photos. So, while will this process be careful and avoid photo loss from simple mistakes.

Are you panicking for losing beloved photos due to the above-mentioned scenarios or due to any reasons? If yes then don’t worry because you still have a chance to get back those photos in a simple way by employing iPod recovery software unless the file is overwritten. This tool is enough capable to undelete iPod data after iPod frozen, firmware corruption, inaccessible due to many reasons.

Moreover, it is capable to rescue more than 300 files including documents, notes, PST, photos, audio and other files from any storage devices including hard disk, memory cards, USB drives etc. It is a user-friendly tool to perform recovery of  iPod photos of all formats such as JPEG, GIFF, PNG and even raw pictures etc, retrieves pictures, and video files from camera memory card after accidental formatting while accessing memory card data. In addition, you can employ this tool to carry out iPod music recovery on both Windows and Mac OS machines. Moreover, a demo version of this tool is also available in websites to check its efficiency in rescuing iPod pictures exclusively. If you are happy with the results obtained by demo version then buy this product to save those rescued pictures.

Tips to avoid data loss from iPod

  • Have a habit of maintaining a backup of favorite pictures
  • Use iPod slickly and avoids simple data loss
  • Avoid opts for restoring factory settings
  • Don’t connect iPod devices to virus-infected PC
  • Unplug devices safely from PC’s USB port