Restore Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Hard drives serve the purpose of data storage on computers, which comes in various capacities as per the user requirement. There are different brands of hard drive like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Western Digital, Seagate, Apple and lot more, which are known to produce hard drives that gives high performance. Data on hard drive is stored in form of different files such as docx files, PPT files, Spreadsheets, digital photos, video clips, songs, emails, etc

You could have accidentally deleted important data from hard disk and now you won’t be able to access them on Windows PC. You have to make use of some third party Windows data recovery software available to recover deleted/lost data from hard drive. . Use of one such advanced called Recover Data tool to carry out data recovery on Windows to get back all deleted files from hard drive. Data might get deleted due to some unavoidable scenarios as explained below:

  • Unintentional Deletion: You might delete data using Shift + Delete keys by mistake on computer. Data from Windows system can also get deleted by emptying of Recycle Bin, deletion of files from Windows command prompt or by using Cut or Paste commands.
  • Accidental Formatting: You might accidentally format partition when you are about to format some other partition on hard drive due to carelessness and partitions might get deleted from hard drive due to formatting resulting in loss of data.
  • Reformatting/Re-partitioning: You will reformat your drive to change its file system. In order to reformat, first you format your partition and then change its file system. In such case if you had forgotten to take back up copy of your formatted drive, you will end up losing the data. Using Windows Disk Management Utility or third party tools to create new partition on windows hard drive can lead to loss of data present on it.
  • Common Errors: Abruptly turn off the system and improper power supply can result in loss of files from your computer during file transfer process. Partition corruption due to computer viruses can lead to loss of data. Software malfunction and usage of some inefficient tool to create partitions on Windows computer can erase files from its hard drive.

In all above mentioned data loss scenarios, you can comfortably make use of this data recovery software to get back your data in few steps. This software has an easy to use interface that guides you step by step procedure to get recover lost data from hard drive partitions. You can use this tool to retrieve variety of files from formatted/re-formatted hard drive, re-partitioned drives and even from deleted partition on Windows OS using RAW signature search feature. It supports data recovery on SATA/ATA/SCSI/IDE hard drives, external USB drives, flash memory cards, iPods, etc on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003 & 2008 operating systems. Download the trial version of this data recovery tool and perform few simple steps as shown by its user interface.