Restoring SD card photos deleted on Mac OS X

SD card is a portable storage device used in mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, etc. SD card is mainly used to store photos, videos and other documents. Secure Digital card is available in different brand names. We all know photos and videos are memories that recall our past events.
I am a very enthusiastic person and I am really excited to capture photos and videos on digital camera. I have humungous collection of photos and videos that I took in many occasions and all these photos and videos are stored in my Mac PC. One bad day I lost all files due to re-installation of my Mac operating system as I forgot to take back of those. It’s a heart broken situation which I never faced before and for once I thought that it is impossible to get back all those valuables. But one of my friends suggested me to use photo recovery software which will recover photos and videos in proper way. There are ‘n’ numbers of recovery software available, but it’s hard to choose. But with my experience the most efficient among those is Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software.
Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software is designed to recover deleted photos and videos. Photo recovery on Mac operating system is so easy with this software and it also supports different versions of Mac operating system such as leopard, snow leopard lion, Yosemite, etc.

Photo loss scenarios in Nikon/Canon camera:

  • Deletions of your all photos from camera by selecting delete all option instead of deleting a single photo.
  • Carelessly formatting your memory card in your Nikon/Canon camera.
  • Even though if you are careful with accidental deletion and unnecessary formatting, but still viruses are a high possibility that can damage your files.
  • Another situation that leads to photo loss, while capturing photos when the battery of your camera is very low.
  • While transferring all photos from your Canon camera to Mac PC, disrupting your SD card by pulling out at the very moment may lead to data loss.
  • While transferring of photos or videos, switching of the camera.
  • Using the same SD card in various cameras that will cause the data loss.
  • Photos get lost due to SD card corruption and iPhoto library corruption.


Features of Nikon Canon Photo Recovery tool:

  • It recovers deleted photos and video files, which have been emptied from trash.
  • This tool recover photos from Mac OS and it can be stored in any of these digital storage devices like hard drive, SD card, USB external drives, iPods, camcorders, etc.
  • This software has powerful built-in find option i.e. “Find Tool” to find files which have been lost.
  • It scans the entire SD card and restores deleted pictures from SD card on the basis of their unique signatures.

Simple steps to recover deleted files:

  • Download Photo Recovery Software and install on your Mac PC.
  • Launch the particular software and select “recover photos” option to recover deleted photos from SD card on Mac.
  • After that software displays two options first one is ”recover deleted Photos” and other is “recover lost Photos” in that you need to select recover deleted Photos option to photo recovery on Mac.
  • After selecting recovery option it will show the list of drives in that you have to select SD card then click on next button to start the recovery process.
  • This software has powerful preview feature, it shows list of scan results so user can judge results prior to saving it
  • Finally you can get back your valuable files by simply saving your appropriate files on SD card to the desired location.