Revive tool to mend addreess book

Outlook Express is an email and news client that comes with Internet Explorer 4.0 and 6.0 versions. Outlook Express supports different Operating System versions from Microsoft Corporation such as Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003. Outlook Express is one of the oldest clients from Microsoft. Contact is the one of important attributes of Outlook Express; it uses Windows Address Book to store the details of your contacts. It automatically adds contacts to the database from the received emails. You can organize the contacts in alphabetical order of first name or last name. Sometimes it is happened the Address Book on Outlook Express becomes inaccessible. As the .wap file is corrupted, which is used to store contact information. There is an error message appears on computer screen such as “Address Book failed to load, Outlook Express is incorrectly configured” or “Unable to open the Address Book. What you will do in such a circumstances to recover data from address book? You can make use of Outlook Express Repair tool and recover contact, as it was earlier. This tool is skilled and specially designed by data recovery expert to mend address book.

Suppose, you are an extensive Outlook express user and while surfing on internet, you have come to know about the newer version of the MS office suite, it had some awesome features that were not present in the previous version then you have decided to upgrade from older to newer version of the Microsoft Office suit. After up-gradation of the Microsoft Office suit, you found that contact detail within the Outlook Express fails to load.  It is due to corruption of the .wap files while upgrading Microsoft office suite. Outlook Express tool can be employed in order to repair .wap files. This tool will provide assistance to revive data from address book.

Another one of the major cause of the address book corruption is improper termination of Outlook express software. Suppose you are working on your PC, in the mean while you got a call from your friend, so you ran away and shutdown your PC directly by long pressing power button. When you open the system next time and attempt to access contacts, you become shocked to see that the contact information fails to load. This may happen when you violate the normal process of closing particular file then there is chance of corruption of address book. It is confirmed when you try to open software, an error message appears on your computer screen. In such a condition, there is only a way to fix issues of corruption of address book that is with the help of above-mentioned mending tool. You can use this tool, repair data from address book, and access your vital contact data once again. You can make use of this tool to fix address book corruption arises due to header corruption, abrupt system shutdown, up-gradation of Outlook, virus infection, Over-sized PST file, etc.

Some popular features of this tool are:

  • It is capable to works on different version of the Outlook.
  • This software is skilled to repair address book even from password protected PST files.
  • It is proficient to fix address book, corrupted while up-gradation outlook version.
  • It has an ability to fix files on various versions on Windows OS.
  • This tool gives you an option to preview files that can be recovered.

Therefore, by studying the features of this repair tool we can state that this software in proficient to recover data from corrupted address book. This tool is an advantage for the people, who are suffering from corruption of contact list from address book and looking forward to get them back then you can make use of this tool, so that you can access address book once again.  For more detail, please go to the provided link: