Safe reconstruction of your Linux operated information

Linux based computers such as the new tiny netbooks offer unequalled speed for processing large amounts of data. This is especially true when using slower processor speeds. In fact a PC running on Linux crunches data almost three times as fast as Windows. However Linux is a bit bare bones in terms of graphics and user friendliness. Another problem with Linux is that all that speed sometimes results in lost data. Of course one can reload the program and start fresh but before that can be done data needs to be recovered and written to disk. To that end, the world’s leading data recovery experts have created a program expressly built for Linux recovery. Linux uses completely different methods of storing and accessing data than Windows. This is one of the reasons it is so fast. Linux recovery program will recover a lost or corrupted Linux MBR, a lost or corrupted Superblock and even find files that were damaged in the root directory. These files are then repaired and written to a safe location.