Software to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

images (4)Hard drive is an essential part of any laptop or desktop which contains OS as well as other user’s data. System Hard drive is divided into multiple parts for installing and saving data. These small logical parts of system hard drive are known as partition. Hard drive partitions are capable of keeping vast amounts of user’s data in non-volatile form, so that stored data should be present on the system drive partition even after the computer is turned off. There are different types of hard drive available in market in the term of storage capability, data transferring rate, compatibility and many others. Due to upcoming new technologies, data storage capacity of hard drives is increasing, whereas price of hard disk is decreasing.

Users can take benefit of it and they can also add external hard drive to their system. With the help of these external hard drives, users can save and keep the backup of their important data. Because there are many data loss scenarios in which user may lose data stored from system hard drive. Let us take one example, while formatting external drive, users may incorrectly end up with the selection of their system drive partition. In this formatting process, all the data saved on the system drive partition get removed and users will face their data loss issue. It becomes very difficult to get back data which has been lost due to drive partition format, but still users have one chance to get back their data from formatted hard drive partition.

In order to recover data from formatted drive partition, users need an advanced third party app like Recover Formatted because there is no other way by which users can easily get back their data from formatted drive partition. This hassle-free approach is developed for recovering data from formatted or reformatted hard drives without any more difficulty.

Other Common Causes of Hard Drive Partition Formatting:

  • Hard drive partitioning Errors
  • Master boot record corruption
  • Virus Infection on drive
  • Operating System Reinstallation
  • Extending or shrinking the size of drive partition
  • System drive partition file system conversion

Once the drive gets formatted, then the recovery of data from it becomes very difficult by using any manual methods. Whatever can be a cause behind drive partition formatting, users can utilize Recover Formatted application and easily get back all data from the drive as it was before deletion. With the help of Recover Formatted software, recovery of data from formatted drive can be achieved which can have any file system such as FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFS without any difficulty.

This app scans entire formatted hard drive partition by using its advanced scanning algorithms and get back each bit of data without any loss of data. Once the scanning process is completed, users can view their recovered data to check whether all data from the drive is recovered or not. Recover Formatted tool is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac computers, so both OS users can easily get back their formatted drive data just by following few simple mouse clicks.