Tool to Fix PPT File That Isn’t Opening

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation program developed by Microsoft. In Microsoft PowerPoint, files are saved usually with PPT file extension.This application is used for creating individual digital slides which involve images, text, animations, multimedia items (audio and video clips), charts, other objects etc… These digital slides are then arranged freely to create dynamic presentations. PowerPoint presentations are widely used in areas such as marketing applications, educational institutions, in commercial sectors and in business meetings.

PPT stands for presentation file format. It may take lots of hard work and creativity to create a single presentation. Imagine a scenario in which your presentation gets corrupted that results in failure to open the file. Thus the data stored in the file becomes inaccessible making you feel frustrated as all your hard work goes down the drain. Every time when you try to open this corrupted file, error messages such as PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened may pop up. These error messages arise up due to a variety of reasons. By using Repair PPTX software you can repair these PPT files easily. Repair PPTX software has a very unique and easy user interface which enables users to repair corrupt PPTX file that cannot be opened in an effective manner.

Causes for error in opening PPT files:

  • Round Tripping: Round-tripping is a process which involves continually changing a file from one format to another. Error occurring during the process of round tripping PowerPoint file leads to corruption of that file.
  • Improper Saving of files: If opening and closing of a PowerPoint file are not performed in a proper manner, then it results in corruption of the file. Power failure also results in unexpected closure of PowerPoint files leading to its corruption.
  • Virus Attack: PPT file also gets corrupted in scenarios when its contents are infected by viruses. Malicious programs can cause damage to the file headers. They cause a modification to the header bytes making the file inaccessible to the user.
  • Application Malfunction: If PowerPoint application is not installed correctly can also result in corruption of PPT files. Any unauthorized modifications done by the third-party applications can also severely damage the PPT files.
  • Use of Recovery Software: Sometimes when we are using some recover utility to restore deleted PPT files, the recovered file may be fetched in incomplete file format. This happens due to an error in file systems. Such kind of files may be corrupted and you have to use a repair utility to fix that file.

In all above causes, users can repair PowerPoint file that is displaying an error message like PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened. This software allows users to scan corrupted PPT file which is inaccessible and creates a new copy of PPT file. This new PPT file created will have all the data of an old corrupted file. This software is able to repair corrupted PPT files on various Windows operating system platforms.

When messages regarding PowerPoint file corruption and errors in its opening pops up, there is no need to worry. We can make use of this easy to use software to come out of this error and regain all the contents of the corrupted file. This software provides support for various PowerPoint formats that include PPT, PPTX, PPS, etc. When this software repair PPT files, different attributes of PPT files are recovered. These recovered items include texts, images, animations, formatting, multimedia items (audio and video clips), charts etc.